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On Ruapehu


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(OOC: Continued from here)

The car crunched to a stop on the gravel. It was near the helicopter landing pad. This was part of the wilds of the central plateau, in the shadow of the largest mountain in Te Ika-a-Māui, Ruapehu. The helicopter was going to take him to the meeting place, at the top of the mountain. He was here to meet her, Marie, Daughter of Costa Sova. His heavy heart was lifted as he though how he would finally be able to get her. He climbed into the helicopter and it lifted off, and he waited, as the long lift to the top of the mountain passed. It was over quicker than he would have wanted. He was at the meeting point. Right on time. Alone.

And there she was. Standing in the wind, a red jacket keeping her warm, she walked though the thin snow, and her pale cheeks flushed at the sight of him.

"LeVentNoir. It has been some time." The words rolled off her tongue like silk.

"It has been. A long time since Costa Sova" LeVentNoir agreed.

"So much to say? Where do we start? The most pressing question I suppose is, 'why did I stay away?', and the answer is because, I, I needed to run, to be free. What I was doing was dangerous."

"Of course it was, you knew the risks, so did I. But now we are back together I guess we can settle our histories."

She smiled coyly, "Thats why I wanted to talk. I am Daughter of Costa Sova. And I need to know, what of that day, do the people know?"

"Of course they do. They are taught about it exactly as it happened. It was a terrible day. Many died. But it did not go as intended, the people rallied against the terrorists, and grew in unity. However, I do know you were scared, and fled. I should have never let you go, even though I knew nothing of you, and could not have cared at that time."

"Do you still remember the day you almost caught up to me?"

"Of course I do. I had become obsessed with you. The field, of smoke and death, you were fleeing still, and the terrorists, and the soldiers, oh it was a day of infamy. The children, they are what I remember most. I also remember all your actions Marie, so daring, so powerful."

"I remember yours Duke, so cold, so forceful. Oh we would have been great together. Maybe we still can...."

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"Never. Never could I work with you. I only agreed to this meeting so I could say to you one thing." LeVentNoir's cold, gripping voice rang out over the wind. Marie's calm smile turned into a evil sneer.

"Still the old Ruler. Evil as ever. All I wanted was a new order. You stopped it because it would have made you look bad."

"Order would have been nice, but it should be one of reason and questioning, not blind acceptance."

"And look at you." Marie said acidly "Ruler, of Imperial Wellington. Like you never asked for blind acceptance."

"At least I asked for belief in what existsed, not some pink mental blankey!" LeVentNoir snapped back.

"Ignorant heathen. I should have shot you back on that field."

"I was right to have your 'religious free town' bombed. You were a disease, and cutting out the heart killed it."

"Yes, those people all died for a cause. Ten thousand martyrs you made that day. The Costa Sova will never be stopped."

"I killed the heart. I should have killed the brain. Traitor." LeVentNoir knew this woman was poison, to any society. He had taken what had passed to him, the Imperial system, the old Wellington, crushed it, reformed it, forged a new nation, open and questioning, and now, the old enemy was going to pull it down? Was going to shut it in, going to force people to close their eyes and ears? No. This would never happen.

"You know Marie, you always were a b****. You were a traitor then, and a terrorist now. What do you have to say?"

"Go to hell, I'll start you on the way there now." She pulled out a small .22 pistol she had hidden in her jacket, and before more words could be said, shot LeVentNoir twice in the chest. The shots rang loud around the mountain, then after a slight shock, LeVentNoir fell backwards into the snow.

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Marie looked at the fallen man with a smile. LeVentNoir, dead. Finally. Costa Sova had given her the strength of will to kill this man who would deny him his absolute power. She turned away.

The sound of crunching show behind her made her turn back, seeing what she thought not possible, she fired the last three rounds from her revolver.

LeVentNoir staggered, but did not fall. The magnum hollow-points has been designed for ripping up internal organs, not penetrating military grade armoured vests. LeVentNoir calmly walked over to the distraught woman, looked her in the eye and spoke quietly. "Did you think you could trap me up here? This is my country, meetings go down my way." Marie sobbed quietly, she had seen her moment of triumph broken and crushed beneath the cold reality of what had just happened.

Then LeVentNoir punched her, hard, feeling her delicate cheekbone break as his brass knuckled fist made heavy contact with her face. She fell, spitting blood, and crying, her face a mess of bruising and blood. "Listen here traitor. I am giving you one chance to walk out of here alive." Marie tried to look up, one eye closed, the other open with a look like a severely angered dog. "Whatever it is, I want nothing of it. All you do is make people your little servants, your slaves." She spat blood onto his boots.

"Its a simple proposition. Renounce you 'faith' in this 'Costa Sova', and I will walk away."


"Then this will have to be done the hard way." LeVentNoir picked Marie up, and brutally punched her in the rib, the as she fell kicked her in the kidneys. "Where is your god now?"

The bleeding, sobbing mess of a woman replied, "Uhhh, ok, ok. Just make it stop."


"I Marie, renounce my faith in Costa Sova." And with that, a little light inside of her seemed to die.

LeVentNoir smiled, a cruel taste of victory on his lips. "Because I would hate to make a Matyr." With that, he pulled out his own gun, a GA 11mm semi automatic, and fired one. The kneeling woman had the heavy jacketed hollowpoint hit her in the back of the skull. The result was not pleasant. Then LeVentNoir fired twice more, as had just been demonstrated, make sure your enemy is dead.

And with that, he turned around to walk back to his helicopter.

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