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The King Speaks.


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The Royal Coat of Arms appeared on screen around Wales. In the background, the Welsh national anthem started to play. Bryn Jones then appeared on screen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you tonight... in your homes, in parks, and on radios throughout the whole of Wales. I am Bryn Jones and I have been granted governance over Wales and her people. I am from here on out King Bryn I of Wales. I would like to highlight my plans for the nation in the coming years under my tenurship. Firstly, I must say that i am proud and privileged to be the King of the greatest country on earth, Wales.

our past is one of the most contreversial in Modern Europe... I was never a big fan of the Welsh "Empire", although it has done much to boost Welsh as a global language, and for a large part of the last decade, it has made our rulers some of the most influential people in the world.It had many downsides. I am glad that the Welsh people are now ruling themselves, but just themselves and nobody else. I wish to make it clear we no longer wish to establish an empire of any sort. Although we feel close to the parts of Europe that were once under our governance, i do not ethically feel it is right. People should rule themselves and no one else.

I wish to create new ties in Europe and the World. The Proxian Empire is one our closest allies and I look forward to restoring our wonderful alliance with her. I also wish for us to seek closer ties with The Republic (?), the nation which the son of our late queen rules, my nephew... Mykep.

I aim to help create a stable, safe, prosperous Europe. We need to return to the days when we were united in cause... we can be great once again. As the saying goes.. united we stand, divided we fall.

My coronation will be next Tuesday. I have invited all the leaders of the world/

Cymru Am Byth"

The screens all flickered, then returned to their original broadcasts.


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OOC: So when will the coronatiopn begin in Real-time?

OOC: Friday or Saturday. (School <_< )

I would love to attend the coronation, also. And the news of becoming carbon neutral is amazing!

"I look forward to meeting you."

EDIT: Look is spelt "L-O-O-K" supposedly. <_<

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