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Another Land Crisis


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Another Land Crisis

from the Disparu News Network

ETERNA - On June 21, 2009, the Government of Disparu faced another land crisis. Unlike the previous land crisis, which involved dealing with unoccupied land in a region purchased from the now-defunct Government of Quebec, this crisis involved a neighbouring nation, Canada West, that had a large area of unoccupied land located in Saskatchewan. Several Members of Parliament (MPs) saw this as an opportunity to expand Disparu's borders, due to the fact that the military in that area was still fighting in the Karma War, and Canada West had no way to transport troops to the area quickly if Disparu launched a surprise attack against the area.

Members of Parliament in the Commons of Disparu, a department of the Legislative Branch that was responsible for land claims and annexation, had three options. The first one was to prepare the Royal Military of Disparu for the surprise attack (which will enable the Government to buy military equipment at a lower price), launch the invasion, and annex the land by force. The second option was more peaceful; the Government of Disparu should begin peaceful negotiations with the Government of Canada West to buy parts of the province of Saskatchewan at a five percent discount. The third option was to leave the area alone, however most MPs debated that this will cause the happiness of Disparu's citizens to drop since they will view this as the Government's weakness, so the third option was scrapped.

At first, there were more supporters of the first option, since it was viewed as more efficient and more economical to the Government. However, MP Terry Palkia (Minister of Defense, Democratic Party of Disparu) told the Commons that "taking what isn't ours by force is immoral, attacking Canada West will make us look like bullies in the international stage". Lance Pikachurin (Chancellor, Democratic Party of Disparu) also reminded the Commons that "Disparu is a peaceful and neutral nation, we will only attack if our sovereignty or our citizens feel threatened, or if we are the defenders in a war." Pikachurin also said that as a member nation of The Democratic Order, we must always be peaceful and neutral unless attacked. After those speeches, the Commons unanimously voted that the Government will go with the second option. This is the first time that all three political parties (Democratic, Empire and Green) unanimously supported the same option.

On June 2, 2009, the Government of Disparu began negotiations with the Government of Canada West to purchase some parts of Saskatchewan at a discounted price. After several debates and discussions, both Governments agreed on the terms:

  • Canada West will sell parts of the province of Saskatchewan to Disparu at a five percent discount.
  • This agreement is only valid until July 21, 2009.
  • Disparu will not attack Canada West at that 30-day period.

Representatives of the Government of Canada West, who asked that their identities will not be revealed, said that they agreed to sell parts of Saskatchewan at a discounted price since Canada West needed financial aid to pump more money into the failing economy of Canada West, and to invest more in the Karma War.

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