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Diplomatic Guidebook to the Tahoe Republic


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Tahoe Republic Diplomatic Guidebook

Failte Isteach!

On behalf of the Government and People of the Tahoe Republic, let me be the first to welcome you to our fair nation. This short guidebook was compiled to give newly assigned diplomats and diplomatic staff a quick insight into the nation in which they will be residing. Inside, you will find some basic information about our economy, government, social structure, demographics and a bit of other information we think you might find useful. By no means is this a comprehensive database, but it should give you a start to help make your transition easier, as we understand getting used to Tahoan society can be very difficult. We hope you enjoy your time here...

Cathal Cavanagh, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Official Name: Tahoe Republic (Poblacht na hTahoe)

Official Flag:


Population: 21,178,661 (2009 estimate)

Gross Domestic Product: 1,292,146,676,650 marks (Mid-2009 estimate)*

Gross Domestic Product per capita: 10,386 marks (Mid-2009 estimate)*

National Identity

The Tahoe Republic is a large nation, lying on the western seaboard of North America, controlling much of the Pacific coast. It is a beautiful nation, notable for it's stunning natural and human environment.

Ruled as a Semi-Presidental Republic, the Tahoe Republic is famous for it's very libertarian policies. It serves as a posterchild for many conservative nations around the world, as the Tahoe Republic has a very small, non-intrusive government, low taxes and a large military. A free market serves the nation well, and the corporate centers of Cruachan (Sacramento) and Drogheda (San Francisco) are some of the finest in the world. In the north, the cities of Seattle and Vancouver are bastions of technological innovation, turning out

Tahoe does remain, however, a very socially conservative society. Abortion is illegal, as is homosexual marriage, and the Roman Catholic Church is the only nationally supported religious organization in the country. However, large Protestant and Druidist communities survive.

Crime is almost completely unheard of, thanks to the multitude of policies that attack the symptoms and root of the problems. A well-equipped police force maintains order, and Tahoe's education system is the envy of the region. Violent crimes such as $%&@ and murder are held in top priority, and violent convicts of the incredibly accurate criminal justice system are often executed as opposed to wasting resources. Gangs and dangerous subversive groups are targetted with similar tenacity. Civil crimes such as miscgeniation and corruption are treated in more financially based manner.

All schoolchildren learn to speak both Gaeilge (Irish) and English as well as one more elective language (German is the most popular). Science, Mathematics, Literature and History are critical components of curriculum, although physical education, art and music are also focused upon.

A strong sense of National unity, honor and integrity exists almost universally in Tahoe. Citizens are fiercely loyal to the National cause. Foreign influence is frowned upon, in an intellectual ethnocentric sort of manor. This is due to the racial and tribal homogeniety of this nation's history. The surrounding community views this culture as corrupt, but to the citizens of Tahoe, anything else would be destructive, degenerate, backwards and unthinkable. Likewise, citizens of Tahoe view other, more multicultural, socialist countries as corrupt and immoral, and think back upon their harrowing time under British rule in Ireland.

Official Languages: English and Irish

Note: Although Irish and English are both official languages, they are not used for the same purposes. English is the language used by the government, military, education and businesses for day to day purposes. If one was to walk around the streets of a Tahoan city, English would be the dominant language heard. Irish is taught in schools and spoken at home, particularly in rural areas, while English is the most common language spoken outside of farmily circles. Most cities and regions have names in both languages, and the English name is used when speaking English and the Irish name used when speaking Irish.

Official Religion: The Roman Catholic Church is the official state sponsored religion, although Protestant and Orthodox communities exist in great number. Small numbers of Jews and pagans exist, though most other religions are illegal (Buddhism is illegal, although practiced by the small Asian minority, although most of these are Christians as well)

Capital: Cruachan (Sacramento)

Largest cities: San Francisco (metropolitan area largest in the nation), Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Phoenix, Denver, Portland

Demonym: Tahoan

Governmental Structure:

Tahoe has a semi-presidential system, also known as the presidential-parliamentary system, or premier-presidential system. This is a system of government in which a president and a prime minister are both active participants in the day-to-day administration of the state. It differs from a parliamentary republic in that it has a popularly elected head of state who is more than a purely ceremonial figurehead. It differs from the presidential system in that the cabinet, although named by the president, is responsible to the legislature, which may force the cabinet to resign through a motion of no confidence. The President is the Commander in Chief of the Military, Chief Diplomat and generally controls foreign affairs. The Prime Minister, which is elected from among the Parliament, controls domestic policy, although the President usually has a great deal of influence in this field as well.

The legislative branch (parliament) is divided into an upper and lower house. The Senate, comprised of 72 members is elected to two year terms. The Genral Assembly is comprised of 552 members and is elected for one year terms.

Administrative Divisions:

The Tahoe Republic is divided into provinces 13 states(also frequently called provinces), which are in turn divided into counties. The provinces have no legislative authority and are used as administrative divisions by the national government, although provincial pride is still strong. The provinces are currently: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Cuba, and Nova Scotia.

The states are responsible for all elections, tax collection, maintanance of public records, and local-level courts and laws within their borders, as well as providing law enforcement (through the County Constable and his deputies) to areas that do not lie within incorporated cities. All laws not given to the Federal Government are granted to the counties, and thus they have a great deal of power on internal affairs.

The counties are divided into ridings, depending on size. The counties vary between having no ridings (only one administrative unit) and up to 12 ridings. The ridings are divided into parishes, defined as rural, village, town or city depending on size and status. Large cities can be divided into dozens of city parishes, while a medium town can have numerous town parishes, villages are usually one parish and rural parishes can be huge in size but small in population.

In addition, there are two civilian governed territories: Baja California and Bajamas. They have small populations with little economic interest but are integral parts of the Republic. There are currently no military governed territories. Military territories, as their name implies, have military governance and are primarily military bases. Civilians there have no legal rights under the Consitution.


Tahoe is a multi-party state and has three main parties: National Party (nationalist, capitalist, socially conservative); Labor Party (economically left, socially centrist), Democratic Party (libertarian, federalist, generally centrist/center-right).

Every four years, an election takes place, unless the Prime Minister calls an early election. The population votes for Parliament Members and Prime Minister in such elections - Municipal and State elections take place on a different schedule, albeit in the same schedule. Universal suffrage is granted, provided they age 18 or older without a recent criminal record, may take part in the voting.

Current Government:

An Taoiseach (President): Seán Ó Déaghaidh

An Tánaiste (Vice President): James Douglas

An Priohm Aire (Prime Minister)" Kieran Kelly

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Cathal Cavanah

Minister of State: Eamon O' Brian

Minister of the Treasury: Seamus O'Donnell

Minister of Labor and Industry: Ronan Ó Síocháin

Minister of Commerce: Aidan Ó Dochartaigh

Minister of State Security: Tomás Ó Coileáin

Minister of Justice: Michael Fitzgerald

Minister of Health: Eoin MacDonald

Minister of Religious Affairs: Archbishop Patrick Wood

Minister of Defense: Colin Flanagan

Minister of the People and Heritage: Sean Mac Giolla Phádraig

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Eamon Niall


Population As of 2008, Tahoe's population is estimated at 21,178,661, making it a medium sized state.

Race and Ethnicity Over 99% of Tahoe's residents are of Western European descent, with the largest ancestries being Irish (60%), Scottish (25%), German(10%), and Scandinavian(5%). Tahoe has the reputation of being homogeneous, but that isn't entirely true, as evidenced by the fact that nearly 40% of the population is of non-Irish ethnicity. However, due to extensive integration policies, nearly the entire population speaks Irish fluently. Futhermore, Tahoan citizens are stereotyped as being Irish by the world, and this contributes to the reputation.

Tahoans also have a distinctive look, regardless of ancestry. Tahoans are characterized by being tall (the average height for males is 6'3" and for females 5'9"), with light colored hair and eyes (70% of Tahoans have blond or red hair, and 95% have green or blue eyes).

Religion Tahoe is overwhelmingly a Roman Catholic nation, with 97% of the population attending a Catholic Church. The remaining three percent is mostly Protestant, with tiny minorities of druidist pagans.

Over 80% of Tahoans attend Church weekly, and 99% attend monthly.

OOC: Work in progress

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Viniland is a multi-party state and has three main parties: National Party (nationalist, capitalist, socially conservative); Labor Party (economically left, socially centrist), Democratic Party (libertarian, federalist, generally centrist/center-right).

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