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Am I Cheating??


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If you View my Nation...

You will see that I have only Fast Food as a Bonus Resources

But I really got all the resources for getting Construction and Beer 2.

And if I go to my trade Agreements...

there is righted down something about days..

Like This:


29 Days This what is this...Because with another trade it's 64days...

[Reason: Improved Foreign Relations]

[Team: Green]



Viridian Entente


Team Bonus

[Team: Green]



The Democratic Order


And some days before it didn't Wrote that.

So What does that mean for my nation...

Because I did logged in in other computer whit different ip..But I find that strange because they didn't play CN like...I may only login into my own Computer...and not on others...look I can understand that I cant login into the Computer of my friend because he Also play's CN But why not on somebody's ells computer?"

Could Somebody explain me the complete situation?

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