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Kaiser Martens

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A commonplace vehicle advanced through Northern Russia through the frozen night.

A dark blue regular car like that of any average citizen, yet somewhat dirty from a mix of light snow and mud on the wheels as well as rain from previous days. Above were only stars, to the sides lay leaveless naked thin trees, and across the horizon the steppes seemed to extend indefinitely. The only two companies to the driver were the sound of the engine running at its maximum capacity and the chattering of the AM radio, a signal from the neighboring people of Novak.

Yet he didn't wish to hear about politics. When the radio announced that the news were coming, he sighed and shifted to a Nordlandic FM. In spite of the night, the driver had black sunglasses on. It was after all Martens himself heading out in a sudden break, dressed in normal, civilian clothing, however they remained in his usual black style with boots below the pants seeming like regular shoes. For all anyone would be able to tell, he could be confused for a Nordlander or even for a Russian.

Without stopping, he drove on for hours. Until reaching his target, he began to slow down, and parked next to the town he had recently visited. He saw the walls and contention structures of Perkunos' Place...he drove closer, and out of the road he stopped, shutting the vehicle down and walking out into the normally deadly cold, feeling the frozen wind purifying his soul as he breathed deep while closing the door to the car. He tucks his sunglasses in a pocket to reveal his red eyes and with a grim, cold, emotionless face heads for the only entrance to the sealed town, taking out the keys to open several doors in sucession, closing them afterwards. After a minute, he finally stands in a street within the desolate ghost town alone.

He sighs and moves to the side, leaning back against the tall wall and taking out his MP3 player, loaded with music prepared just for the occation. On it goes, and the music starts. After contemplating the area for a few minutes, he feels colder already, and endangered. A sick little grin is seen when he pushes off of the wall and begins to wander without direction.

"Hvar bist du...hvar hvar..."

Already he was being watched.

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