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United Earth


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United Earth

United Earth is an alliance that helps you grow, peacefully, and economically. Learn the best tips, and strategies to CN! Very new, and hot alliance looking for mods, and if you're lucky admins! Anyone who wants can join, just visit:


Just tossing it out there:

Your a little too weak to start your own alliance.

You are the only member of your alliance.

You should learn about using forums before you make an alliance (as a guest I can view everything)

I would recommend you join an alliance for a while, and who knows you may like it there.

I am getting tired of every third person trying to make their own alliance. O well, its their agenda, not mine.

If you want a good alliance to join right now, try mine, the Mafia.

There is a link in my sig and you can message me if you need more info.

Edit: Pm'd ya the same info as I posted here.

Edited by Emperor Marxus IV
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