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The Kingdom of Cochin

king of cochin

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Gosree Times

16 April, 2009

By, Special Correspondent

It was a solemn moment in the history of the nation when the flag of Cochin was raised at the Palace Grounds here. A crowd of lakhs from all parts of the Kingdom assembled at the Palace to witness the historic ceremony. At 0900 with the accompaniment of a 40 Gun Salute the King of Cochin, His Highness Rama Varma raised the Red, Yellow and Blue Flag of Cochin.

The King then proclaimed the existence of the Kingdom. A cheer ,the likes of which had never before been heard in the history of the historical Palace Grounds, erupted from the citizens assembled as it was the culmination of a dream cherished for long by Kochiites.

The flag raising was followed by a march past by various contingents of Royal Cochin Defense Forces. The majestic tanks of the I Shock Army Division were matched in grandeur by the contingents of 12th Regiment, Royal Cochin Special Forces. The other principal contingents in this presentation ceremony were II Armored Cavalry Regiment, IV Mechanised Division, II Airborne Division, III Air Cavalry Regiment, Cochin SWAT and the Royal Cochin Police Force Band contingent. In a first of sorts the King's Guards came out of their habitual secrecy to present a contingent of their own.

The march past was followed by a fly by performed by the Mig35s, Su30s, Mig29s and the Jadayus of RCAF.

The King has announced that diplomatic missions are being readied to improve the relations of Cochin with its neighbors. "The Kingdom of Cochin is a peaceful, sovereign nation that seeks to promote peace and prosperity in the region," the King said.

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