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Greater Germany Achieved.


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Greater Germany has been achieved. After years of struggle, the goal of one man, Scolar Visari has been a reality. The Reich extended from the North to the Mediterranean Sea. In the east, the Reich extended from Moscow all the way to the border regions of Western Siberia. In it's grasp, the Reich controlled dozens of nationalities, cultures and traditions. With this Greater Germany achieved, the Reich Central Government announced a number of plans, in order to push the Greater German Reich forward.

Plans of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) ("High Command of the Armed Forces")

The war in the East had been a hard one. There is no denying that. Official casualty reports put the official death toll at 10,000, plus many more wounded or missing in action. Casualties could have been alot higher; however, with the technological superiority and training of German forces, casualties were alot lower than expected. With all security functions being transferred to the Reich Security Bureau, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht has ordered a massive withdraw of German forces, from the East. Over a course of two months, over 500,000 German troops plus equipment will be withdrawn, from the East. The wartime reserve call up has been suspended and all German national defense sectors have returned to normal status. Therefore, the current force of 1.5 million German troops will be downgraded to the regular peacetime level of 600,000. Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) will be evaluating the war, to find and fix any shortcoming of the Wehrmacht.

Already, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht Research Department is researching ways to improve military technology in all branches of the Armed Forces.

Occupation of the East

Just days after the collapse of SlavoRussia and the occupation of Wehrmacht forces, The Reich Central Government issued Decree No.13, concerning the operation of the German civil administration in the East. In this decree, the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories (Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete) was formed. The main responsibility of this ministry control the vast areas captured by German forces in Russia. Leading this ministry was a new Reich Minister, in the name of Dr. Armin Metrac. It is the responsibility of the Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories to legislate for the newly occupied territories under his jurisdiction. Working beneath him was the ReichKommisar, who was responsible for the whole administration of his territory and answers directly to the Reichministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete.

Just days after the forming of this Ministry, Dr. Armin Metrac abolished the established judicial system, police system and anyother system not favorable to the Reich. In their place, the Reich Ministry of Justice would set up a new judicial system, comparable to the system in the Reich. The Reich Security Bureau took over all police functions, in the newly established ReichKommisariat Moskau. Their first targets were anarchists, insurrectionists, and seditionists. The individuals, responsible for the various Anti-German Propaganda pieces, were also arrested. They were the first targets on the "Black Book of Enemies of the Reich." They would be tried in the German People's Court.

All symbols of the SlavoRussian government were tore down. In their place, flags and banners of the Greater German Reich were placed. Red Square was renamed VisariGrad and a new Colossus of Visari, which was 30 meters (107 ft) tall, was being constructed in the middle. A new national curriculum was installed in schools across the ReichKommisariat. This new curriculum would focus on the "true story" of Europe and the evil committed by the last regime. The national currency was abolished and replaced with the German Reichsmark. All funds and gold reserves in the Moscow central bank were transferred to the Central Bank of the Reich.

All SlavoRussian citizens, under Reich occupation, were automatically given Reich citizenship. Criminals and political criminals were denied the right. In the end, ReichKommisariat Moskau would also see a major economic boost. The Reich Ministry of Finance would donate billions to the area for reconstruction and economic revival projects. Most of these jobs would be given to SlavoRussians, which would drive up the economy in the area. Indeed, the everyday life of the SlavoRussian would improve tremendously under German rule. Thousands of modern hospitals, tools, nuclear power plants and other necessities would be built. Roads would be improved and modern housing will be built for the SlavoRussian population under control of the Reich.

The Situation at Home

There were incidents of civilians being killed as a result of the Military operations in the East. How was this achieved? The Wehrmacht had planned for months, before the launch of Barbarossa Ausf B. They had planned all possible scenarios, and as a result, had a counter for each one. When enemy forces threatened to land into Italy and attack the Reich from the south, allies, with Wehrmacht, launched a preemptive strike to neutralize these enemies. As usual, the enemy fell not because of our superior numbers, which wasn't present in this theater of operations, but because of our technological superiority. The state of Alvonia stood no chance; which, forced the naval powers of the enemy to retreat. With 0 casualties at home, the people maintained the highest morale possible.

However, as usual, there is always room to improve. The Reich will be building an additional number of air defense systems, OTH-B RADAR, underground bunkers, coastal defenses and water defenses. This will be added to the already enormous defense web in the country. When these projects are complete, the Reich will be one of the most fortified countries in the world.

Internal Security has also became a major issue, after the death of various high ranking political leaders in other countries. In response, the Reich Security Bureau will be stepping up internal security, in relation to border control, computer and communication's security.


Indeed, the Germany under our wise Kaiser has triumphed on all fronts. Under his room, the Greater German Reich will last ten thousand years and will bring peace to all people of Europe.

Hail our Kaiser, who has achieved Greater Germany

Hail our Kaiser, who has brought peace to Europe

Hail the Nordic Confederacy!

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