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Orbit Black is still around, looking for nations that would join.

#1 Who better to join for the utmost protection from aggressors?

#2 Who better to join when in need of strong support, exemplary friendship, and outstanding leadership (by me)?

#3 and best of all... Why not join?

:excl: If you've been answering some answer or another to the above questions, the Lord help you...

One more appeal on our behalf; We love going to war! Never sit around! Go to war, have a good fight, declare peace, sit around recovering for a week, go to war again, have a good fight, declare peace, recover yet again, declare war... Start it all over!! :jihad: :jihad: :jihad: :jihad: :jihad: ....... :popcorn:


Resilient Igloo and Leader of Orbit Black

Oh ya, here's the link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Orbit_Black_CN/index.php

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