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Buying 100 Tech for $3 Million

Aeternos Astramora

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I'm buying 100 tech for $3 million. I send you $3 million. 10 days later, you send me 50 tech. 10 days after that, you send more 50 more tech. I'm looking for two things, but I can make an exception. I'd like this to be a long term where we do multiple cycles, and I'd like to be able to see in your foreign aid screen you giving 50 tech back to at least someone. (I've been gypped before.) These aren't strict rules, but I'll give priority to the person who does.

Please PM in-game. I won't be checking here.


I have one slot open right now, possibly two. If I got overwhelmed with offers, especially if you fit the two things I want, I can probably set you up with other tech deals.

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