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Factbook of the Melvin Republic

sir jesus

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The Melvin Republic


Charter of the Melvin Republic:

We, the federal government of the Melvin Republic, vow to defend the political and physical rights of the citizenry. Every Melvin citizen is guaranteed the rights of free speech, free movement, equal representation and treatment, and a free education. The Federal Government is forbidden to use force on a citizen in any circumstance. These rights are only voided if the individual has encroached upon another’s freedoms, and in this situation it is the Melvin Republic’s duty to protect those freedoms.

We, the federal government of the Melvin Republic, vow to pursue policies that strengthen the nation’s economy. The two main goals are to establish a high standard of living and to keep unemployment at a minimum. Only through equal but fair approaches can Congress change the economic atmosphere of the nation.

Executive Branch

The President of the Melvin Republic is granted the power of law creation, however is susceptible to a Congressional veto. The President is also granted the power of fiscal policy veto, which Congress can only overturn with a 2/3 majority. The President may appoint a Minister for every Congressional sub-committee. These Ministers act as the executive liaison and are granted two votes in the sub-committee. The President shall act as the head of state, and is granted all sovereignty in international relations and in declarations of War. Through exercise of domestic reform and international policy, the President must uphold the first paragraph of the Charter and protect the citizenry from internal and external threats.

The President of the Melvin Republic is granted a life-long term, only if he or she is successful at representing and acting upon the opinions of the People. If Congress carries a majority vote of no confidence, this vote is passed to the People. If a majority vote is passed, elections are to be held and a new elected leader shall take the President’s position.

Legislative Branch

The Congress of the Melvin Republic is granted the power of fiscal policy creation, however is susceptible to a fiscal policy veto, which Congress can only overturn with a 2/3 majority. The Congress is also granted the power to veto proposed laws with a 2/3 majority. The Congress is expected to form investigative sub-committees and increase the economic well-being of the nation. The Congress may exact any reasonable excise, corporation, sales, income, property, or tariff taxes that it decides upon with a majority vote. The Congress must uphold the second paragraph of the Charter.

Congressmen serve a 8 year term, and are elected uniformly across the nation. A Congressman may serve any number of terms. If a Congressman is connected to any political organization, he or she is legally disallowed to be elected for 8 years.

The People

The citizenry of the Melvin Republic carry the responsibility of being informed voters. If an unconstitutional law has been passed, it is the populous’ duty to press Congress for a vote to repeal. The men and women of the nation also hold the responsibility, but no obligation, of defending the nation from foreign assault. It is also the People’s duty, but no obligation, to sustain the national economy through avoidance of striking and tax evasion. The People must support the Melvin Republic, and must ensure that the Republic supports them.

Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments are prohibited from affecting the Charter. With a 4/5 Congressional vote and Presidential approval, amendments may be added or edited anywhere else within the Constitution.

Current President: Allie Landry

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GDP: $2.33 Trillion

Market GDP Growth: 4.8% per fiscal year

Tax Revenue: $700 Billion

Government Expenditure: $575 Billion

Government Budget: $125 Billion Surplus

National Composite Interest Rate: 10%

National Income Tax Rate: 30%

Avg. Children per Mother: 2.7

Components of GDP

% Investment Expenditure: 31.6%

% Government Expenditure: 24.6%

% Consumption Expenditure: 43.8 %

Total Investment Expenditure: $736 Billion

Total Government Expenditure: $575 Billion

Total Consumption Expenditure: $1.02 Trillion

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Military of the Melvin Republic


Active Duty: 300,000 Soldiers

Maximum Military with Reserves: 1,240,000 Soldiers

Primary Weapon: FN2000


Main Battle Tank: M1A1 Abrams Tank


Active Duty M1A1’s: 1,000 tanks

Reserve M1A1’s: 11,300 tanks


Main Interceptor: F-35 Lightning II

Primary munitions:

-Four Python-5 electro-optical AA Missiles

-Two AIM-9X Sidewinder AA Missiles

-One .30 Caliber Nose Mounted Gatling Gun

Secondary Munitions:

-Flares and various countermeasures


Active Duty F-35’s: 47 Squadrons

Main Bomber: New Generation Bomber (“2018 Bomber”)


Active Duty New Generation Bombers: 3 Squadrons


Active Navy: 7 Fully Loaded Aircraft Carriers

-Each carries 5 squadrons of Sea Harrier Interceptors


Reserve Navy:

- 11 Corvettes

- 11 Landing Ships

- 9 Battleships

- 9 Cruisers

- 8 Frigates

- 8 Destroyers

- 7 Submarines

Strategic Weaponry:

20 Nuclear Warheads

50 Cruise Missiles armed with classified warheads

Fully functioning Missile Defense and Satellite system

Strategic Defense Initiative - Pentagon - CIA

Notes about Melvin Republic military:

Nearly all of the Melvin Republic’s military research and development is carried out by the MRAF. Its infantry weaponry, armored divisions, and navy all use existing technology. However, the airforce has been on the cutting edge of the world in means of mixing airplane velocity and sophisticated long-range weaponry. The entirety of the nation's "special operations funding" is currently paying for the advanced training of the F-35 pilots.

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The atmosphere of the Melvin Republic is one that is based around money. The Charter of the nation itself proclaims that the government has a duty to provide the best economic economic circumstances possible. Unemployment is closely monitored by the government, and the streets are void of the homeless and weary. Nearly every citizen has a job and the majority of these are quite high paying, especially those working within the defense and technology industries. The majority of Melvinians have a college degree and nearly everyone owns a personal computer.


The populous is mostly devoid of compassion and partying is rare even amongst the younger generation. Most people stay inside their homes, watching the news or the stockmarket or surfing the internet. Patriotism is often displayed through the use of government flag, but lags in the hearts of the Republicans. During times of warfare, volunteering for the military is unheard of. The Melvin Republic must resort to high paying army-reserve contracts during peacetime to muster up a large army during war. This has caused a rift between the military and non-military of the nation. The civilians view the military as a high-price tool that should be utilized to create positive conditions for the government. The military personnel are less willing to go to war and generally believe that their duty is to protect the nation, not advance its interests.


The political atmosphere is hot with debate at all times, and the citizenry keep close tabs on the movements of its government as mandated by the Charter. Voting participation begins at the age of 16, and hovers around 95% of the total available voters. The current President of the Republic is Allie Landry, and she currently has a widespread cult of personality and has enjoyed over 80% approval ratings for the past 7 years. The national GDP growth rate has been positive her entire term so far, evidence that her suggested spending in research and development and education has been successful. They are also pleased with her military reform: the spending cuts on land-based weaponry allowed for a complete overhaul of the airforce, which may be the only thing the populous is patriotic about.


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