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Alagaesian Military Showcase

thor gold

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The Nation of Alagaesia is pleased to announce the inaugaration of its entire military! Each of the four branches - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines - and their sub-branches have been in the planning long before Alagaesia was officialy independent. Each has billions of dollars invested in it, graciously provided by the people of Alagaesia in pre-independence taxing, and each is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Alagaesian Army is the largest of our four branches. They currently number near 200,000, and are equipped with only the latest in squad-weapon technology, with weapons varying from FN-FAL battle rifles to Squad Automatic Weapons (SAWs). The Alagaesian Marines are a smaller, specially trained force of infantry. Numbering at over 90,000, the Marines are more specially trained to allow squads to serve in amphibious landings and similar special operations. They are similarily equipped as the Alagaesian army, though their ranks include the majority of the combat-designated snipers, equipped with modified M40A3 rifles.

The Alagaesian navy is a military spectacle. Numbering 35 ships, ranging in class from corvettes to submarines to carriers, the Alagaesian Navy consists of awe-inspiring ships, created with only the latest designs, weaponry, and instruments. Similarily, the Alagaesian Air Force - boasting over 50 squadrons of mixed fighters and bombers - is created from specifically the most advanced aircraft technology designed in the past two years.

Already, multiple military installations on both coasts of our nation, to further compliment our nation's solidity of independence. Currently, eight Naval bases are being constructed on each of the Alagaesian coastlines, twelve of fifteen stand-alone airbases have already been constructed throughout the mainland, and 42 of 132 planned military bases throughout the country have been completed.

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