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The Winds of Change are blowing


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OOC: This takes place after the conquest of Velvika, because no one else is invading it but me, and I own about 50% already as it is.


Timor City, Emperor's Palace - Timor

Sergeant Mattias Jenkins stood at attention inside the Imperial Palace. Simon Antioso, commander of Timor's Intelligence Agency, small though it was, was forming an Intelligence/Spy Operative team - The Cherubim. They would be the Special Forces of Timor.

Jenkins had been pulled from the National Guard to act as a Personal Guard to the Emperor, due to his past record in the invasion of Velvika, and his sense of preservation of his comrades. Jenkins was present at a briefing of his mission and what to do, as Personal Body Guard for the Emperor.


Antioso leaned back in his padded, black, chair, folding his hands as if he were praying and resting them on his lap. A grin, although not a happy one, was etched onto his sage-like features. “Listen, Jenkins. Before we get this interview/meeting started, we need to get something out of the way: The Cherubim are an elite and exclusive part of the Timoresian military. Candidates are hand-picked, not shown to each other until after passing their training, and even then, they only know each other by their code-names.

However, I’ve checked your records, and I know this will be easiest for you for this one reason: You have no relatives, no one you care about, no love interest. Yes, we know about your personal life. We did an extensive background check on you before we considered you for the Cherubim. For that reason, we think you are an excellent person for the job. We have our other reasons for choosing you, but let me finish this up.” Antioso paused to take a breath, and leaned forward and looked Jenkins dead in the eyes, locking his blackish-brown eyes into Jenkins’ green ones.

From now on, you are nobody. You are nothing but the tiniest inkspot within the vast Timoresian Military records, you are no longer Timoresian, you have no ethnicity. You have no name. You do not exist, anymore. The only thing that people will remember you by, is the ghost of the image that you leave within their minds. Are we at an understanding, Lieutenant Letum?” inquired Antioso, continuing his dead-man’s stare.

Jenkins gulped, holding back his emotions. Years in the military (Once you became apart of the military, that was your profession, until retirement) had hardened him, and his expressions, and nothing shown in his soft-spoken features except for a slight tensing of his facial muscles. “I understand you perfectly, sir.

The old man smiled. His hawk-like features made it look as if he was bearing his teeth. He had expected a bit worse of a reaction, but he moved on quickly with the rest of his intentions. It was now time to figure out if he was the right one. “Now that we have the sheer !@#$%^&* out of the way, it’s time that I personally interview you. This is completely off-record, so don’t worry. Just answer with what you feel is correct, understand?” After receiving a nod from the now-Cherubim Lieutenant, Antioso continued. “What would you do if you had to choose between what you knew to be right, or turning a blind eye to someone in power committing atrocities?

Jenkins’ eyes turned large, as he was caught off guard by the question. The conversation went from serious to almost casual. It was unnerving, to say the least. “I’m afraid I don’t quite understand you, sir.

People in positions of power are known to commit atrocities, and every criminal has to has an end, one way or another. I’m sure when presented, you’ll do the right thing, Letum.” Antioso’s features softened as he sighed. He knew what he had to explain to the kid, but couldn’t himself. There was no way for it to happen without Antioso getting killed, and it was too much of a risk. He hoped, however, that some sort of seed had been planted, embedded into his mind. “On the desk over there, is a folder filled with all the information you’ll need. Dispose of it when you are finished with it, and do not talk to anyone until you are properly outfitted. Are we clear, Lieutenant?

Jenkins paused as he got up, saluted, and shook Antioso’s hand. “Crystal, sir.

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