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Prince Edward Island's Football teams


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The Prince Edward Island National FIBOB team now has three farm teams to draw from.

The Summerside Pirates Playing out of the Summerside Football Grounds with The Boarding Party as the Fan Club

The Summerside Pirates play in the Ark Premier League and sit in 4th

Summerside FC playing out of the National Stadium of PEI with the Green and White Army as the Fan Club.

Summerside FC plays in the Final League, Division 7:64 and sit in 4th

And finally a Consotium of business leaders have purchased Stalybridge FC in Liga Mundo and renamed it PEI FC A new stadium is being constructed, but for now they will share the Summerside Football Grounds with the Pirates. The PEI Storm are the fan club for PEI FC who will be playing in the Serie Segunda of the liga Mundo. They are currently in last place so may be relegated to the Serie Tercera at season end.

Owners of all three teams are agreeable to allowing players to play for the national side.

The current national line up is:


Carlton Richardson (starter) - Summerside Pirates

Tony Samba - PEI FC

Marlon Lhander - Summerside FC


Lewis Gibson - Summerside Pirates

Damian Resitnec - PEI FC

Louis Alegria - Summerside Pirates

Johann Gunnlausson - Summerside FC

<B> Midfield:</B>

Jacob Agnew © - Summerside Pirates

Jarki Petursson - Summerside FC

Adam Blixt - PEI FC

Sigur Hinrikkson - Summerside FC


Kari Islandur - Summerside FC

Spence MacDougald - PEI FC

Seth Mosely - Summerside Pirates

Kari Egil - Summerside FC

The first two players at each position play most games, other players may rotate in or our or be brought up as reserves.

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