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Coalition of Blue States (CBS)

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Coalition of Blue States


Forums- http://s1.zetaboards.com/CBS/index/

IRC Channel- #CBS

Color Sphere- Blue

Current Treaties:

Protectorate- NpO




PIAT- Justice


President- KingemO93

Vice President- Lord Sir23

Interior Affairs Minister- lordofdeath196

Exterior Affairs Minister- Peghen

Council- DirectorSmall

Council- jintenn

Council- Capt Turin Turambar


We the founding members of the Coalition of Blue States (CBS) established this community so that all blue nations may have a home.


"Don't just watch the news, Make it!"


I. President - 1st in Command

1. Operates the day to day operation of the alliance in both peace time and war time.

2. Appoints the Vice President and 1 Councilman.

3. The President reserves the right to make changes to his staff at any time for any reason.

II. Vice President - 2nd in Command

1. In the event of the President of the CBS being unavailable for any reason, all power rests with the Vice President.

2. Appoints the Interior Affairs Minister, Exterior Affairs Minister, and 1 Councilman.

3. Can only be removed from power by the President.

III. Interior Affairs Minister - 3rd in Command

1. Operates and monitors all activites within the alliance to include, but not limited to, Trade, Aid, and Technology.

2. Responsible for the commission and operation of an effective academy program.

3. Has the power to, with Presidential approval, add or remove ammendments as is deemed necessary.

IV. Exterior Affairs Minister - 4th in Command

1. Responsible for the communication and coordination with all other alliances in existence

2. Proposes and pursues new diplomatic oppurtunities.

3. Coordinates all external aid deals from and to other alliances.


I. Council

1. The Council consist of 3 members: 1 Appointed by the President, 1 Appointed by the Vice President, and 1 Voted in by the members of CBS.

2. Its the Councils responsibility to vote on important documents that would better the alliance.

II. Passing Legislation

1. In order to pass a piece of legislation the council needs at least a 2/3 vote.

2. In the event a matter does not recieve a 2/3 vote, it may be submitted for review by the President who will have absolute say in the resolution of the matter.

3. All matters must first be reviewed and debated by the Council of the Coalition of Blue States before the President or Vice President can act.

~Entry & Exit~

I. Joining the Alliance

1. To join the alliance the following need to be true.

* You must not be in any wars.

* Nations are strongly encouraged to join the blue sphere, however, nations may apply for a colour exemption to be reviewed by the Interior Affairs Minister

* You cann't be on any alliances ZI list.

* You may not possess dual membership in another alliance without the express permission of the President of the Coalition of Blue States.

2. If all that is true you need to submit an application.

II. Leaving the alliance

1. Any member can leave the alliance at any time.

* If you received aid less then 2 weeks before you leave the alliance it is necessary you pay it back.

* We would like to know when you decide to leave so we don't make you a rogue nation.

* Please don't be rude or disrespectful when you leave the alliance.

2. If those are all completed you are free to go.


I. Rogue Nations

1. Any alliance member that declares war on another alliance member will be marked as a rogue nation where the President will have final say over punishment.

II. Alliance Wars

1. All alliance wars must be approved by the Exterior Affairs Minister, 2/3rds of the Council, and the President.

2. The war will only be approved if the Cassus Belli presented is deemed valid.

3. CBS commits itself to a peaceful existence, however, remains ever vigilant towards all threats foreign and domestic.

III. Tech Raiding

1. All wars must be approved by the Interior Affairs Minister, the practice known as "Tech Raiding" is expressly forbidden

2. All Tech Raiders will be marked as a rogue nation where the President will have final say over punishment.


(All amendments will be placed here.)


Signed this the 30th day of March in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nine.

KingemO93, President

Lord Sir23, Vice President

Edited by KingemO93
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Your Alliance acronym is akin to one of my first. I joined the Coalition of Dark States (CDS) a couple of years back, and from there to the Coalition of Defensive States.

I'll bump for good measure. Good luck to your alliance! ;)

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