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The Arctic Order


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"We want you!"

"Who me?"

"Yes you!'

"Come to The Arctic Order today they'd be more than happy to have you!"

"Well gee mister my nation is just brand new not even 100 miles of land"

"Size doesn't in TAO we'd love for anyone to join us"

So the point of the story that I didn't bother to finish is this TAO is in need of people and we'll take anyone. You come, you register, and we accept you its as simple as that. The more people that join the faster you grow we're all experienced players (those of us that are already there) and can offer you great advice on how to help your nation prosper.

So even if you don't want to join just drop by our forums and say hi.

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You looking for an alliance thats not in the middle of this big mess? Then come to The Arctic Order we're not at war so your nation can continue to grow peacefully and underdisturbed just simply follow the link in my sig and register for the alliance at our forums ^_^

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