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Prussia - Meritocracy Survives!


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Prussia is a Germanic alliance based primarily around the principles of Meritocracy. We believe that a member is entitled to absolutely nothing, and must work to garner whatever support and privileges that are bestowed upon him. We area proud nation, small but ready to take our place on the world stage. We come mainly from an offsite community for various MMO game communities, and many of us play Empire: Total War. We have worked to establish this day, PRUSSIA, as an official alliance.

Below is a copy of our constitution:

Constitution of Prussia



Prussia is an absolute monarchy based upon meritocratic principles wherein the belief that the individual is responsible for his or her actions, is held in supreme regard. The utmost importance is placed upon such individual to render any and all services to the King. This constitution is established to set forth the laws in which we are governed by His Majesty’s government, and to which we swear our loyalty and honor.

Article I: Rights and Responsibilities of the Citizen

It is the responsibility of all citizens to remain active within Prussia. Each citizen rises and falls based upon the actions of themselves. All citizens are granted a free and open voice within the Imperial Legislature. No citizen is afforded extra rights or privileges that are not directly earned through merit or service to the King. Each citizen is obligated to serve within the Imperial Military. Every citizen will be subject to the King’s will at all times, up to, but not limited to, sanctions, expulsion, and Perma-ZI.

Article II: Powers of the Monarch

His Majesty, the King, retains absolute power within Prussia and maintains the efficient distribution of power as he sees fit, or until death, or abdication. No citizen, official or governor may overrule the King’s decisions. The King is the Lord Admiral of the Imperial Military, and directs their deployment as he sees fit. The Monarch retains the power to unilaterally sign or break treaties, as well as to declare open warfare, or conduct peace during times of war.

Article III: Powers of the House of Nobles

His Majesty, the King, shall appoint as his advisers, a panel of 4 Noble Lords to counsel him in matters of interest. These nobles shall be chosen amongst the citizenry, and shall serve a term of life, or until they have fallen out of favor with the King, or resign. Each Noble shall run one of the 4 King’s Ministries: Interior, Exterior, War and Commerce.

Each Noble has the power to appoint any and all assistants or, Dukes that he or she may deem suitable, under command of the King. These individuals shall serve in their capacity as granted to them by the Nobles.

Article III: The King’s Ministries

The King shall set forth a group of Ministries to govern the daily tasks within the Empire. These shall be henceforth known as:

The Ministry of the Interior – Granted the responsibility of immigration and emigration to and from the Empire.

The Ministry of the Exterior – Granted the responsibility of seeking out new friendships with other alliances, as well as establishing regular communications with other foreign powers.

The Ministry of War – Granted the responsibility of protecting Prussia, and prosecuting His Majesty’s righteous conflicts, however He sees fit.

The Ministry of Commerce – Granted the responsibility of ensuring a stable flow of supplies and resources to and from the Empire, and conducting foreign trade. For the purpose of clarification, the Empire is centrally located on the Black team.

Article IV: Ideology and Purpose

The establishment of Prussia is to serve as an example of human dignity, spirit and man’s ability to achieve. Its primary philosophy is that of meritocracy, or the ability for the individual to achieve his greatest potential through service to the state. Our ideology makes no room for ignorance, or fear. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/CNPrussia/index.php?act=idx

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