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New Aqua Trade Circle


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We've been bailed on by our former trade circle members, so Uberdavey and myself are looking to build a new one. You must be on the Aqua Team (or willing to move) to participate. Post your name, nation link and resources here if interested and I'll add you to the list.

Cattle - derailer

Coal - GuMMyWoRm

Fish - YUKIN

Furs - derailer

Gems - GuMMyWoRm

Gold - califa 13

Pigs - Uberdavey

Silver - Jamse06

Sugar - YUKIN

Uranium - califa 13

Wheat - Jamse06

Wine - Uberdavey

This will give you the maximum amount of population possible as well as a tremendous income boost.

Initial infrastructure cost: -4%

Infrastructure upkeep: -3%

Population increase: 32.5%

Citizen income increase: $10

Population happiness increase: 11.5

Initial land cost: -15%

Purchased land area increase: 15%

Natural growth increase: x3

Technology cost decrease: -5%

Environment: 0

Soldier increase: 23%

Soldier cost decrease: $0

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Tank cost decrease: 0%

Tank upkeep cost: 0%

Aircraft cost decrease: 0%

Aircraft upkeep: 0%

Aircraft limit increase: 0

Cruise missle cost decrease: 0%

Cruise missle upkeep: 0%

Nuke cost decrease: 0%

Nuke upkeep: 0%

Uranium allows nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happienss. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled.

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I'm Cattle and Furs, I realize this is already filled, but keep me in mind if Derailer has to drop out for any reason because I have the same resources as he does.

If you need me. Cattle/Furs,


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