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The Republic of IndoChina Helps the Rebel Army Out.

comrade nikonov

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After some deliberation in the national parliament, it has decided to pass a $200 Billion National Recovery Aid Package to Rebel Army, to assist in their reconstruction efforts. This, which will cost about most of civilian budget of the IndoChinese government, symbolizes the good will of the people of IndoChina to their friends in the Rebel Army which has suffered nuclear devastation in the aftermath of the recent European War. In accord, the Rebel Army has agreed to transfer jurisdiction of the Balkan protectorate to the Republic of IndoChina. ***SECRET***,as well as pledge to maintain the current friendship treaty. ***END SECRET***


The Deal is Signed.

The new land covers parts of Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro. IndoChinese ships are inbound to send relief and clean up crews to the protectorate, to help them get up on their feet as well.


Land Received from Rebel Army

OOC: I'll get some money soon, to amend this large and lavish transfer of funds. Also wanted in on the whole nuclear cleanup RPs.

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