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GPA Foreign Ministry housekeeping program!

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Dear alliances of Planet Bob.

It's march now and we are going toward spring, so I want to clean up my area a little bit.

While doing that I noticed that there are too many inactive embassies in our forums, some of the last posts goes back to 1.1.2007! So now I'm planning to make them active again or send them to archives.

If you want to keep your embassy in our forums, please send a diplomat to our alliance. You have time to do that until 3.15.2009

Here is the list of inactive embassies:

Independent Republic of Orange Nations

Mostly Harmless Alliance




Greenland Republic


Nueva Vida


The Centurion Brotherhood

The Foreign Division

The Order of Halsa

United Purple Nations

United Sovereign Nations

World Task Force

Boards Alliance of Protectorate States

CommonWealth of Sovereign Nations

Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Global United Nations

League of Small Superpowers

Libertarian Socialist Federation

Monos Archein

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Random Insanity Alliance

Siberian Tiger Alliance

The Templar Knights


Nusantara Elite Warriors

If you see your alliance in the list, please take action and send someone over, we would appreciate it. I hope to see you again pretty soon.

Thank you,

Don Bidarian



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