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The Exodus of the Veran Empire


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Nation: The Empire of Vera'Kis

Leader: Chancellor Vira'Khail

Language: Russian(75%), Finnish (15%), German(10%)

Government Type: Communist (Marxism-Leninism)

National Religion: None

Motto: "Borne through Ash the Veran Rise Again"

Battlecry: "For the Good of the Veran People!" / "For The Glorious!"

This just in, a breaking news bulliten from the Veran National News Network (VN³)

"Hello, I'm Natascha Kalinscha, and welcome to VN³, your source for the important news bullitens within the Veran Empire, led by Chancellor Vira'Khail "the Glorious". For the first time in Veran History, VN³ will be broadcasting internationally, rather than keeping its broadcasts within Vera'Kis borders. Roughly a week ago, the Veran People completed what is thought to be one of the largest exoduses in the history of mankind, wherein almost all of the Empire of Vera'Kis migrated from it's long-standing home in Northern Europe, situated between the Molakian and Slavorussian Empire Borders, to a newly claimed territory within the Vaule Protectorate in Central Siberia! The Exodus took nearly a year and a half to complete, but the Veran Government AND populace refuse to comment on the event. The Chancellor had this to say."


(Please ignore obvious high tech level of picture. My nation isn't at this level yet, but this picture fits perfectly.)

"My fellow Verans, as most of you should know, our Empire has fallen on hard times once again. In this dark hour of our history, perhaps one of the darkest yet, we have been all but ostracized from our ancestral home. The reasons behind this will not be disclosed to either the general populace of our nation, nor to the world at large, but trust me, my friends, I hold your best interests at heart when I withhold this information from you! However, I implore of you, do not fear, for the end of our journey is at hand, and we have reached our new home! Already our central government has been almost completely brought back to bear, our industry is being restored, including DoubleHelix Incorporated. Housing projects are being opened and more homes are being constructed as quickly as possible! We have fallen 'neath the tide before, comrades, and we have risen above it! Again, we have been dunked 'neath the waves, and again, we shall rise above them and persist! We are strong, we will endure, we shall not falter nor fall, we will persist, we are VERANS."

"Vira'Khail's call has been heard throughout the Veran Empire and it seems the newly transported nation is picking itself up and dusting off its slacks. Only time will tell if the Exodus has a largely negative impact on the nation. VN³ will continue to broadcast internationall from this day forth and will keep the Veran People, and the world at large, tuned in.

Thank you and good night."


Edited by ViraKhail
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I am sorry, but your statements have confused me. Is there a problem with our ruler, Vira'Khail?

OOC: Its just Malatose another Player has already used the Helgast as his forces/leader and has even used that picture you have chosen. So IC it looks like your leader and his are identical.

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