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"Vision for the Future"

General Orlov

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The following broadcast is braught to you by the Bolshevik Federation Broadcasting Network. Premier Ivan Orlov walks up to a podium and begins his address to the world viewers, and world leaders especially. The broadcast is not live.


"Hello, I doubt we have much time on the air, but this emergency broadcast is to inform world leaders of my vision for the future, beyond the conflict between the Axis and Comintern associations. As you may or may not know already, the Bolshevik Federation has agreed to withdraw its claim in Siberia, in exchange for land in the Americas (Nevada) and the safe migration of the Bolshevik population. Now, the basis for this war as I understand it, has been the Axis and other "anti-cominterns" non toleration for an organized union of Communist, Socialist, and Anarchist ideals. The chance to materialize this non tolerance policy into war, came with the revolution in the New Ming Dynasty. The communist revolution, drove the USC to blockade the nation, even as they successful revolution declared their new state, and signed the Comintern constitution as the Northern Soviet. The USC's aggressive behavior led to a joint Comintern military presence in the Nothern Soviet, in reality most of the Comintern never deployed a single soldier, plane, vehicle, or ship. The Bolshevik Federation only had a small convoy of supplies and armed guards present. From there diplomatic talks broke down, before ever really getting started and the USC and their new miltiary coalition of the Axis invaded, and war was declared on the entire Comintern. As the war rages on, through cities, and over skies and seas, it will be the policy of Bolshevik Federation to continue its peaceful role. With that said, I put forth new plans to be put into action post-war. Plans that will create constrctive relations between the major blocs of our world.

My first plan is this. I have proposed to the Comintern the creation of a Communist International Space Program. If and when this proposal is put into action, I then propose the planning of an International Space Station, funded, and run by the joint effort of the Comintern, Axis, and Unaligned Association blocs. This would promote the friendly progress of all blocs regardless of ideologies. It is plans like these that our future must have in order for there ever to be a lasting peace between the great blocs of our world. This is only one example of how we can work together progressively, and contructively, while following our own paths of development and policy, maintaining our chosen ideology, and vastly expanding the almost-non-existant dialogue amongst our blocs. It is my belief that the future of our worlds progress will undoubtedly lead us to space, and I stress that we must follow that journey together peacefully now or we will surely take on the struggle seperately and expand our war, and destruction even beyond the atmosphere of this planet. The foundation for our future is being laid today. Thank you for watching, and let us hope for a quick resolution to the war in Asia. Good-bye."


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The NAAC is wary of entering such a project with the Axis at any point, but especially after a war. We have all seen the fascist treachery; are you so sure they wouldn't simply sabotage the station? Or steal it for themselves? Could such a reactionary people even have the intelligence to contribute to something this advanced?

We do, however, support an agreement with the unaligneds and the concept of the station however.

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OOC: That would be post-war.

OOC: Even then a station that size will be impossible to build with modern technology.

OOC: Yes postwar. And it may not look anything like that picture, I just added that pic to stir the imagination of the reader a little. :P

OOC: Ah k I would just keep it a bit bigger than ISS :P

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