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The Song of Gebiv


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Princess Gebiv IV walked through the graveyard. She stops at her Grandfather's grave, and then her Mother's. The day was filled with clear Mediterranean weather. She had just received word that she would form a new nation from the ashes, rooted in the old Gebivian mainland. Her people, however few, were calling. She sung the inscription on her Grandfather's tomb stone, and added a verse before and after it.

Oh the harsh drums of war, they do beat so loudly

Sweet Valhalla, why do you call to me?

The narrow road of twilight is the path for me

Song of you angels who protected us so long

It echoed to us, our great freedom song

Our day had come, no way at all we could be wrong

Right now I do proclaim, a new day to arise

We no longer feel that our soul dies

My dear kingdom, arise, arise, arise, arise

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