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Major Infrastructure and Millitary upgrades.

Vasili Markov

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The following projects have been completed in Neo Olympia.

1: Niciae University has reopened

Stage 1 of the refurbishment of Niciae University has been completed and we are now open to foreign students from friendly nations who wish to study science and engineering. Stage 2 is planned for next month and will expand the university to include an art and drama faculties.

2: Pacifica Shipyards have reopened

The wrecks have been successfully cleared from the drydock facilities at pacifica harbour and these facilities are now available for friendly nations to perform repairs on their vessels.

3: Coastal Defences upgraded

50 batteries of surface to surface missiles have been deployed to protect all major cities. Anti-Air Artillery units and rangers have also been assigned to protect these facilities.

4: Fallout recovery program in full operation.

Now that the fallout has stopped falling the department of the environment is moving to remove soil from the few heavily concentrated sites and this contaminated soil will be used to fill in old worked out lead mines, eliminating the twin threats of radioactivity and abandoned mines. The mines will be lined with non-water permeable clay and several heavy duty non biodegradable plastic sheets to prevent contamination of surrounding ground water as a futher precaution the soil will be vitrified in massive kilns at the site to stabilise it and further prevent the risk of it dissolving and entering ground water . Less contaminated areas have been monitored and have been found that the irradiated dust can be safely collected by washing the areas down and collecting the run off water and storing it in the disposal sites with more heavily contaminated waste. This waste water will be stored in lead-composite non-biodegradable plastic barrels.

Citizens will be permitted to exit the shelters after three days when these programs have been fully double checked and radiation is confirmed to be within safe levels.

OOC: +1 Drydock, +1 University, +50 Cruise missiles, +400 infra, + 100 tech added in-game since last RP building spree.

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