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Prince Edward Island factbook


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OOC this is my factbook for CNRP R if you have a provlem with it, please PM me or bring it up in the OOC thread.

History:Prince Edward Island was part of the British Empire but has been approaching independence as a monarchy. This was put on hold during revolution as Britain needed them for naval purposes. They then became part of Brunswick. They have recently negotiated their independence from Brunswick and as part of the negotiations have traded their off shore oil rights to Brunswick in return for all the military equipment that was part of PEI at the time of independence


200K armed forces made up of the following:

35K combined ship and flight crew for naval vessels

35K standing army who patrol the shores and also act as the constabulary for the country

130K fully trained militia who have their equipment in neighbourhood areas and who can mobilize on short notice forming independent squads as needed in case of attack.

(OOC: I am sorry I am not well versed in military equipment. They would be armed as a standard current time US army infantry soldier)

Zero tanks but there is an interlocking ring of Anti aircraft guns and artillery just inside the coast of PEI

105 squadrons of F-22's half stationed at sea and the other half split among 3 airbases on land.

6 Nimitz class aircraft carriers(HRS Wright, All$@, Brown, Lindbergh, Earhart, and Bishop). 3 at sea any three at mooring at any time. The ones at mooring still have their crew complement on board or near by.

1 Ohio class Ballistic Sub (The HRS Stomping Tom)

2 L.A. class attack subs (HRS Lenny Gallant and HRS Allan Rankin)

3 Osprey class mine hunters which also double as copastal patrols and listening posts (HRS Skate, Ray, Sailfish)

Currently not nuclear armed, but there are buildings being built in the center of PEI which some people have claimed look like silos, and the HRS Stomping Tom is being fitted in a way that would make you think they expect to be carrying nukes soon.

Government: Prince Edward Island is a monarchy. The ruler is simply called "The King of Prince Edward Island".

There is an independent judiciary and an elected senate that handles the day to day running of the country. There is only one level of government. The military also acts as the police force.

There is freedom of religion and of the press.

School all the way through university is free to all citizens and it has resulted in near universal literacy.

Monetary: The currency is the dollar. Although originally farming, forestry and fishing were the main employers on PEI, it has become much more tech oriented over the years. Now the vast majority of private sector jobs are involved in technology in one way or another. Airplane parts, animation, tech support, and a variety of others.

The economy is thriving and infrastructure is strong to support the number of people

(OOC: My first of these, if I have missed anything or done it wrong, please let me know)

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