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Great Lakes proposal to Nunavut and Agmarian Empire

Sovyet Gelibolu

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OOC: Sorry, I meant to put it in the subtitle: this is CNRP-R. Forgive me. I'm new.

To: The Imperial High Council and the Imperial Nunavut Legate

From: the The Great Lakes Commission for Foreign Affairs

For reasons it would prefer to disclose only in person-to-person negotiations, rather than over the easily intercepted means of communication that are too common on this planet, the Great Lakes Council Republic is interested in purchasing the following islands from Nunavut:

(marked in pink)


We are prepared to pay a significant amount of either cash, goods, or services, either to Nunavut, Agmar, or both in exchange for these islands, and would greatly appreciate reaching an amicable and mutually beneficial settlement with Agmar on this issue.

Our best wishes to you and your people.

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