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Autonomy and Independence Reigns on Prince Edward Island


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"Hello, I'm Brain Gaiter."

"And I'm Alicia Jackson."

"And this is the morning news. If you're just joining us, an hour ago the Premier made a speech about the cession of Prince Edward Island to a Monarchist PEI Independence group. We have the speech here."


"My fellow citizens, today is a great day for the Brunswicker Government and the inhabitants of Prince Edward Island. The now leader of the island nation came to my office late last night, and we began talks of their independence. First of all, I'll give you some background on why I acquiesced so quickly. When the British had control of the Americas, Prince Edward Island was on it's way to becoming an independent nation by non-violent means. Then the revolution happened, and they were forced to stay a British Colony because they were a crucial British Navy port. For over a two hundred years, the Monarchist group on the island has vyed for that control. And, when we declared our independence from British rule in 1891, their chances would double.

Now, in the year of two thousand and nine, they are getting their monarchy. They have their independence. And, it is with great pride that I announce Prince Edward Island an independent and autonomous nation!"

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