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IA commintern preparations


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Memo Sent the the Regent by Minister of Internal Affairs.


In contemplating the problem of the spreading international socialism I have formulated a way in which we can combat it. Up to this point we have been fighting communism on the military and diplomatic fronts yet what we have not up to this point realized is that its a battle not for a piece of land or a section of the ocean but rather the hearts and minds of the people in each nation. Their ideology is naturally appealing to the poor and even some of the middle class of each nation, therefore nations with economic trouble or a high ratio of poor to middle class are susceptible to the ideology. Right now we are fairly secure from them as we manage to maintain our cultural isolation from the outside world and our people are themselves very prosperous economically as well as satisfied with the system we have and the government; however should this change we need to indoctrinate the people to reject communism not because they think its a bad system but because they think it threatens them. There is a marxist writer named Antonio Gramsci who during his lifetime theorized as to why the industrialized workers of the world had not revolved against the capitalist class. He ultimately realized that marxism had not won the cultural war of the age, while people knew they were being exploited they had decided to accept exploitation and instead pursue their own goals and attempt to rise through the power structure and exploit others themselves. In a sense the value system of the upper class had been imprinted upon the middle and lower classes. His solution to this problem was that marxists needed to infiltrate the power structure and change it by replacing the cultural hegemony with their own. Therefore my solution is this; in our movies, our schools, our books, our news papers and so on we must imprint the value system of the upper class upon our middle and lower class. We must make their personal economic goals be centered around self betterment and encourage them to uphold this value before any alternative collectivist value. We must pit them against each other make them competitors; this will make them work harder, as well as cause them to despise communism which threatens their ability to move up and exploit others. We can reinforce this by spreading and creating frequently told examples of great social mobility in our nation, while a lot of it will be truth it will be hyperbolized; the intent will be to make people think that if they just apply themselves they will be capable of anything. Beyond this we can continue to invest in social programs which will break the back of revolutionary socialism in our nation before it even arrives by taking away any popular support. In addition we should take the position of political moderates when it comes to communism; don't be against it because we reject the concepts, be against it because we think its too radical, too violent, and too aggressive, paint their leaders as simply power hungry thugs using a well intentioned political ideology to justify a hegemonic and imperialistic agenda. If we do all of this we will be fully immune from any communistic coup and even an invasion and occupation as our own people will never submit to the rule or support the new regime. Instead they will idealize the present regime and an open revolt against the invaders would restore the previous system. Finally as long as we keep communists out of power, which is a fairly easy thing to do considering our system communists will be unable to infiltrate the power structure and impose their views. The worst they would be able to do is isolate us internationally and force us to just function internally. Shall I put together a commission to pursue this?


Message from the Regent to the Minister of Internal Affairs.


Begin at once.


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