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Great Lakes Council Republic Factbook

Sovyet Gelibolu

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Location: Northern North America, bounded on the north by the parallel 60°; on the west by the meridian 110°; on the south by the Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers, by an intersection of the meridian 84° 49’ and the parallel 41° 59’, by Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, and on the East by the Ottawa River and the meridian x°.

Total Area (includes water): 3,789,279 km²

Border Countries: North Pacific Federation, Confederate States of America, Ardoria, Brunswick

Climate: Varies from humid subtropical in the south to subartic in the north

Terrain: Mostly plains, either prairies in the north and west, or river flood plains in the south


Population: 59,736,169

Age Structure: 0-14 yr 16.3%; 15-64 yr 68.8%; >65 yr 14.9%

Population Growth Rate: 0.83%

Demonyms: noun Littoral(s); adjective Littoral

Sexes: 0.98 males/1 female

Ethnic Groups: unavailable; no data has been taken since foundation

Languages: English 82.1%; French 10.7%; Spanish 3.8%; Other 3.4%

Literacy (age over 15 can read and write): total population 99%; male 99%; female 99%

School Life Expectancy (primary to tertiary education): total population 17 yr; male 17 yr; female 17 yr


Name: Great Lakes Council Republic; GLCR

Government Type: Council Republic

Capitol: Chicago

Constitution: 11 Dec 1975, effective 1 May 1975

Legal System: Courts (called Senates) organized one per every level of administration. Heavily influenced by Civil Law, with Senates given no latitude to contravene existing laws, but some latitude to create new case law.

Suffrage: 20 years of age, universal

Executive Branch: chief of state none; head of government none; cabinet ten-member Council of Commissioners chosen by the Littoral Council Executive Committee; elections for Council of Commissioners (members of this body must also hold membership in the Littoral Council Executive Committee) held every two years by the Littoral Council Executive Committee, after that body is elected by the Grand Littoral Council

Legislative Branch: unicameral Grand Littoral Council containing one Delegate for every 25,000 workers of the Cities, elected by the City Councils, and one Delegate for each 125,000 workers of the Regions, elected by the Regional Councils, meeting every eight months; elections in the City and Regional Councils held every two years.

Judicial Branch: Grand Littoral Senate (elected by whole voting population every two years); City/Regional Senates (elected by residents of the City or Region every year); County Senates (elected by residents of the County every six months); Town Senates (elected by residents of the Town every three months).

Political Parties and Leaders: Internationalist Party [Ron WHITE] only legal party.

Flag: 2dad6gy.png



GDP: $1,137,955,221,000.00

GDP/capita: $19,049.69

Tech Year: 2003

Infrastructure: 6039.99 (infra-vibrant)


Soldiers: 341,530

Tanks: 3,415

Total Fighter Squadrons: 82

Land-based Fighter Squadrons: 52; 20 Squadrons F-15 C Eagles; 7 Squadrons F-15 E Strike Eagles; 18 Squadrons F-16 C Fighting Falcons; 7 Squadrons F-16 D Fighting Falcons

Carrier-based Fighter Squadrons: 30 (1 Squadron of each/1 Carrier); 6 Squadrons F-14 Tomcats; 6 Squadrons F/-18 C Hornets; 6 Squadrons F/A-18 D Hornets; 6 Squadrons F/A-18 E Super Hornets; 6 Squadrons F/A-18 F Super Hornets

Bomber squadrons: 3; 1 Squadron B-2 Spirits; 2 Squadrons B-1 Lancers

Landing Ships: 8

Frigates: 6

Submarines: 6

Aircraft Carriers: 6

17 ICBM Siloes containing 68 ICBMs with 12 warheads each (mirv-capable)

3 Nuclear Submarines containing 12 SLBMs with 12 warheads each (mirv-capable)

Transnational Issues

GLCR is a member of the Communist International.

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