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Rebuilding the Republic

Mergerberger II

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Prins Alexander has outlined a plan tonight for rebuilding the Second Republic of the Netherlands. It consists of five major points. The Republic has to rebuild her infrastructure and take care of her citizens before she may look abroad. The actions of biological warfare by northern nations shall never be forgiven, and its effects will last a good long while. For now, we look to the interior, to our own people, and to our own benefit, rather than seeking revenge on those who have wronged us.

The Plan

1) The Rebuilding of Infrastructure

2) The Cleaning of the Capital

3) The Combating of the Viruses

4) The Cleaning of the Territory of France

5) The Rebuilding of Critical Infrastructure

Money remaining from the sale of Schwiiz to the old Gebiv will be used for the majority of it. An estimated 600 billion remains in the coffers from that. Additionally, deficit spending will be utilized to rebuild.

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