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A declaration from Vinilandia

V The King

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An announcement from the Federative Republic of Viniland

Brought to you by the Ministry of Exterior Relations

Topic: Viniland's Foreign Policy

The Federative Republic always stood for peace, unity and progress - both at home and when dealing with other nations. In order to reflect our pursuit of such, the nation adopted in the 1950's a policy of non-belligerence towards all countries across the globe. This means Viniland will not be seen partaking in any international war as long as the policy stands - and the policy will very likely stand so long as our original values remain. The only scenario where modern Viniland may be seen engaging in a war is if our nation itself comes under attack by enemies - then obviously, we reserve the right to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

Due to our commitment to non-belligerence and peace, it can only make sense that our policy also includes international cooperation and mediation. For the former, in order to further our goals of progress and peace, we are open to any possibility of mutually beneficial treaty with any nation. Approach us, and we may make it happen. Also, if a nation is in need of foreign aid in order to bolster their economy, reconstruct from war, fight off natural disaster and such, we available for help! Contact our Exterior Relations ministry and something can be worked out. In more extreme, known cases, we may offer the aid ourselves.

Now, for the latter policy, mediation, it means that we would be more than eager to help broker a peaceful solution to a conflict, whether if it is armed or not. One can ask for our assistance, or we may offer it, as it happens in the aid scenario. We will approach the conflict at hand with the maximum of impartiality, or if no outer interference is wanted, we may merely provide a neutral ground where peace talks can take place.

Another aspect of our foreign policy is Pan-Americanism. While we recognize that some nations are very different from each other (such as the Confederacy and the NAAC, we believe it is not impossible for all genuinely American nations to live in peace and cooperate with each other to varying extents. We extend a hand to all Americans nations who wish to see our continent prosper in peace, so agreements can be made to ensure our growth and security.

Last but not least, we also commit to free trade. We believe that trade barriers impair growth and prevent nations from doing mutually beneficial transactions, hence we have a policy of not imposing any tariff against any nation's exports, so long as the nation in question also commits to striking down trade barriers with our country. One-sided trade barriers harm those who are outside of it. Hence, we are open to free trade pacts or other treaties that facilitate movement of people and goods.

As a side note, coming from both the Ministry of Exterior Relations and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, the Federative Republic has an open immigration policy, that's it, any immigrant from anywhere may be accepted into Viniland, provided they acquire sufficient points in some tests, which mostly asks for education, knowledge of the Portuguese language and so on.

Thanks for your time.

-Celso Amorim, Minister of External Relations

-Geddel Vieira Lima, Minister of Immigration and National Integration

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