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nukes, nuclear anarchy, SDI etc


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I just wanted to possibly discuss the duration of nuclear anarchy in TE. My personal impression on the matter is that 5 days is pretty brutal duration for the tax penalty if the round only lasts 90 days, 2 nukes well placed will allow you to essentially negate a ninth of the round time. Since there is talk about reducing the war length, maybe reducing the duration of nuclear anarchy is worth considering as well.

Also i think there should be adjustments to the global radiation level calculations because regardless of the sideffects of nukes, they are flying so frequently we almost always have the GR lvl maxed out.

What i would like to propose or at least have ppl discuss is first and foremost, are the effect of nukes balanced as is for TE. my argument basically goes around the fact that your average nations in TE have around 1000 infra and about 200 or so tech. yet the dmg they can inflict is basically the same than in SE where nations have so much more infra and tech, ppl can take a nuke and somewhat shrug it off.

Also I think maybe a revision of NS calculations in TE is in order. Nukes can basically contribute around 6.25 k NS to any nation and the contribution of nukes is exponential. Maybe it would be more appropriate to have them follow a linear progression like it was before in SE??

The next point i would like to bring up is the requirements for the SDI, your typical TE nation can't really afford to have 6 improvement slots dedicated to an SDI. Even combined with spies, its pretty likely you are gona get nuked regarless of any defensive mesure you can take. Granted you reduce the dmg slightly but the wonder definatly has to be revised for TE, either in requirements or effects, if you have to give up 6 slots for an SDI in TE id like more than 60% rate of nukes not going through. Maybe a wonder of something can be thrown in like i duno an N jammer, it could give you 100% protection from nukes but in exchange you cannot use nukes and your governement position has to stay at signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty option. you can add in some other requirements if you wish. But personally after spending over 2.5 mill in purchasing an SDI, and having a nuke deal you over 5 mill in dmg multiple times + anarchy for 5 days all at the cost of a measly 200k i think the dmg is'nt really proportional to the cost.

I duno i just feel the whole nuke issue would have to be revised for TE, simply because nukes are supposed to be OMG I GOT NUKED hail merry of all weapons but its obvious the things in game designed to limit their use is'nt working. Its my personal opinion nukes should'nt be used as casually as cruise misstles, and if their contribution to NS was'nt so huge i think there might be less acusations of nations slot filling, nukes would be used less often etc. Maybe you could affect the nations own environement directly when they launch a nuke, or mabye destroy some of its own infra or land ( due to nuclear testing), increase their cost. I duno. I just feel nukes hold too much of a role.

Personally i don't like nukes and would much rather see nations duking it out with planes, tanks, soldiers, navy's and spies. im not saying taking them out of the game im just asking that the balance of them in TE be revised cus really I hav'nt really seen anyone in TE use a navy yet... So please discuss your thoughts and avoid OMG UR A MORON, OR NUKES ARE FINE. All im asking is for a discussion on the subject.

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