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The Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes

The Mongol-Swedes

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Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, the Mongolian Revolutionary Peoples Party, in alliance with the exiled remnants of the Scandinavian Revolutionary Peoples Union, upon these free united territories in the former Republic of Mongolia, do hereby declare the existence of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes. The Steppes are hereby declared a land of liberty from the expansionist, imperialist claims of the Western meddlers and the capitalist hegemony that seeks to enslave all peoples to the wage, defiling the honorable trades of the doctor, the lawyer, and all skilled labor, and to reduce those who possess not such skills to mere human resources cattle.

The General Council, as it is formed herein, pledges to honor and respect the sovereignty of its neighbors while working peacefully to promote peaceful socialist development towards a communist future on the Steppes.

OOC: This is in accordance with the CNRP R.

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Kyokujitsu Teikoku recognizes the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of the Mongol-Swedes, and would like to discuss political, economical, and military affairs. Let us meet at Manshuli.

OOC: There goes my dream of an Empire from Mongolia to the Pacific. :P

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The General Council expresses its appreciation for the warm, if somewhat shaky, welcome from its East Asian neighbors, and pledges to uphold the peaceful state of affairs for East Asia in the interests of providing for the facilitation of an amicable place in the world for all clans and creeds that call these lands home, and reaffirms its pledge to honor the Good Neighbor Doctrine.

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