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Blue Trade Circle


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This will be a Blue team trade circle, but remember that you can change your team color. For instance, I myself am currently on Pink team due to the trade circle I was a part of, which recently fell apart.

Resources needed:










Wildcard 1-Wine-dardan

Wildcard 2-wtperry00

Wildcard 3

Bonus resources are Construction, Microchips, Steel, Radiation Cleanup, and Scholars (if you have a high Literacy level). If someone with Rubber fills a wildcard slot, Asphalt and Automobiles will be unlocked.

Ideally the wildcard resources would include Rubber and Uranium, but anything can fill those slots in a pinch. Better to settle for 4 bonus resources (5 is you have a high Literacy level) than try too hard and never complete the circle, no?

To newb players interested in this circle: If you join the circle I will compensate you for the money needed to purchase a Harbor if you require one. So if you have any combination of Iron, Aluminum, Oil, or Coal, and you need money for a Harbor, I'll be glad to help you out.

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xSiaNx and Takku, you're in.

Sorry, sweetrebelangel and Lord Israel, but the wildcards are mainly intended for people who have one resource needed for the trade circle like Iron plus an unneeded like one of the ones you have. Again, sorry.

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i have marble and vine ... vine is +3 happiness... ready for for life trade aggrements

Added, and if I have any say in the matter this will be a permanent arrangement. I'm kind of tired of trade circles falling apart.

Also, if you guys want to go ahead and start trades, I'm removing my current trades and changing team color to blue.

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I have Lumber and Fish. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=303996

EDIT: Do I need a harbour?

Added. And yes, you'll have to get one. It is one of the most important improvements in the game after all.

If you need aid, I have some money to spare.

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