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The Secret Flight


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The planes flight path was round about to avoid any suspicion on where it was from. The unmarked C-130 had flown from Hong Kong to Somalia. In Somolia it had refueled and moved to Britain, then from there to Havana Cuba. Touching down in Cuba. Defense Minister Xia Guofeng took in a breath of the warm humid air of the tropical island. It was a long flight on a less than comfortable military aircraft, although they had been kind enough to installed two benches next to eachother to form some sort of bed for the final stage of the journey allowing him to be well rested.

Stepping out and looking around an unmarked limousine would be there to pick him up. Entering into the limousine he would find a slender blond woman waiting for him. "Mr. Xia I presume?" she said in a southern accented English. "Yes." he said nodding. "And you?" he inquired. "Ms. Johnson. Welcome to Confederate Cuba." she said with a smile.

"It is good to be here." he said nodding. "I have brought gifts, if you will unload them from my plane, I think they will prove a most interesting demonstration." he said.

"Oh good, now we'll head to the Villa, the other foreign leaders and the President have already arrived."

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The limousine pulled away from the military airfield south of Havana. Looking out the window, Mr. Xia could see a few aircraft on the side of the dirt runway, and airmen lounging under shades trying to keep themselves cool. The limousine drove down a dirt road, out of the small base until it turned onto a paved road. Mr. Xia saw a sign saying "Nathan Bedford Forrest Highway." After a twenty minute drive, the limousine drove through iron wraught gates and stopped in front of a stately villa surrounded by manicured gardens.

The door of the limousine opened and Mr. Xia stepped out. A tall, handsome black man in a white tuxedo bowed and in a deep, bass voice said "Welcome to Oceanside, Mister Xia, if you would follow me inside."

The servent escorted Xia inside, through the mansion and onto the back portico, where the manor had a sweeping view over the city of Havana and the ocean. The President of the Confederacy, Jake Featherston walked over and vigorously shook the hand of Xia, "Welcome to the Confederate States of America, Mister Xia, let us show you true southern hospitality this day."

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