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Viva la Mexico!


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[AEGIS] (OOC: Whoops, forgot to put it in the title. :()

A black-coated figure stood near the northern extent of TWTNW's influence. He spoke to his troops with the voice of a true believer, the persuasive voice of a shaker for the cause of equality for all Nobodies.

"Brothers, if we are to gain a place equal to the other species of this world, we must expand! We must take more land into our sphere of influence! Onwards to the north!" He pointed a pistol towards the waiting frontier, and thousands of Dusks swarmed across.

Slithering and creeping, the Nobody armies advanced virtually unopposed through the lower parts of the Yucatan peninsula. All the areas passed through were devoid of intelligent life, and thus theirs for the taking. It was manifest-destiny on an amazingly large scale, with one target in mind.

The Rio-Grande.

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