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Azerbaijan rushes to complete coastal defense lne

Agostinho Neto

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Bulldozers leveled ground and dropped tank traps and mines tonight as Azerbaijan rushed to fortify its tense coastal line, to prevent any amphibious assault from the Caspian Sea. Prime Minister Ali Kerimli is worried some belligerant, or desperate countries may try to take Azerbaijani resources with force. This completes the "Union Defense Act" signed with the Republic of Dagestan, and completely sorrounds the Azerbaijani Republic and its autonomous administrative units with land fortifications like barbed wire, tank traps, outposts and border forts.

On the maritime side of Baku, once a popular beach for tourists and residents, hundreds of pacifist protesters held an anti-"Caspian Wall" protest. Some set fire to a car left behind by fleeing construction workers. However, on both sides of the barbed wire fence, efforts were being made to avoid a confrontation. Protest leaders asked the demonstrators not to throw stones at the military and civilian construction workers. Azerbaijani police managed to kept onlookers away from the construction site. Additional military personnel were to deploy in the east once the Department of Interior has verified that borders with Iran and Turkey were secured. Early in the morning, a steady stream of heavy cranes and trucks deployed sandbags, anti-air missile batteries, coastal cannons and radar stations.

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