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[CNRP] Vaule President and PM reform the Youth Pioneer Movement

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN News: Communist Youth group Revived?!

This morning President Rokossovsky announced that, after deliberations with Parliament, he has decided to sign a Presidential Decree reforming the Vaulian Communist Pioneer Movement. The new movement is to be called the “Vaulian Association of Youth Pioneers (VAYP)” and will supersede any existing Scout programs and will be run by the government.

Some political columnists supported the move while others strongly condemned it. President Rokossovsky maintains that the VAYP will be a Nationalist and not a Communist Movement. Prime Minister Ivanov has praised the move. In a statement released this morning, the Prime Minister said:

“I support this move 100%. This will be extremely beneficial to Vaule. It will instill a greater sense of the importance of national service, discipline and nationalism in the next generation.”

Minutes after the President signed the decree, thousands of parents swarmed the Interior Ministry eager to sign their children up for the program. While many of them were convinced to do so out of national pride, others admit that the bonuses played a part in their decision. According to the decree, approved VAYP members receive preferential tuition and scholarships at all High Schools and are allowed to attend special schools reserved for only VAYP members. These schools are extremely well funded by the government and are known for having impressive results and a rigorous curriculum.

At regular High Schools across Vaule, the government has deployed trained VAYP teachers to lead the groups at each school. VNN contacted the offices of the VAYP movement for more information, and we received a number of informational brochures and a ‘Little Blue Book’. While most of the information we read in the book appears to be mostly national history, some passages raised some red flags:


“I pledge to do all in my power to prevent outside influences from subverting the course of Vaule’s great democratic revolution. By any means, I shall be ready to defend Vaule’s freedom, independence and sovereignty.”

“In order to become a true citizen of Vaule, one must be prepared to put aside one’s own needs and desires in the interest of the needs of the collective.”

“It is our duty to be shining examples to the nation and to the world. We must always work for the benefit of Vaule and not for the benefit of ourselves.”

“We must always be united behind the President and Imperatrix of Vaule, as they are our leaders. Without support, democracy may falter and give way to dictatorship or fascist revolutions”

“There is nothing more honorable than an honest day’s work!”

“Autonomy is the veil under which separatists hide their treachery”

-Excerpts from the "Youth Pioneer Handbook" (a.k.a. the Blue Book)

The group also uses strongly Nationalist Symbols such as the FVN flag (Flag of the Free Vaulian Nationalists) and a modified version of the Anthem of the former Russian Federation called: “I will eternally guard the motherland”. Some people are also concerned about the connotations of the group’s motto: “Justice, Motherland, Freedom!

One concerned citizen that was interviewed by VNN expressed her disapproval. (She has requested not to be named for fear of reprisal):

“What the President has done today is a giant step backwards. Just like the Communists tried to brainwash children to become their fanatics, President Rokossovsky is attempting to use Nationalism to brainwash a whole new generation into following him. That is unacceptable, and my children will never join such an organization.”

The VAYP Central Committee has scheduled their first Mass-meeting for next week, in Revolution Square in the capital of Vaule. Before that meeting, the VAYP regional student leaders (called “Commanders”) are expected to meet with Prime Minister Ivanov.

Our news team also learned that the VAYP has wide ranging programs, which include a mandatory two year service in the military at age 19 (At a special pay grade).

***news credits***

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