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The Kingdom of Slavo-Hungaria

Sarah Tintagyl

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The Kingdom of Slavo-Hungaria



With the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, much of Central Europe descended into a period of extreme economic chaos and political instability. Slovakia and Hungary fearing that with the rise of independent empires and nations around them would attempt to expand into the area and annex their peoples convened at the Congress of Bratislava to create a new stable nation to rule over their areas in Central Europe. Out of this meeting rose the new Kingdom of Slovo-Hungaria. A Diet for both Slovakia and Hungary were elected and the capital was proclaimed at Budapest, while fearing that not having a strong central leader would cause a breakdown of the newly created system the politicians reached back to the ancient line of Hungarian kings and their families and restored the kings into a government of limited monarchy with the royal family holding executive power over the Diet.


Central Europe, south of the Greater German Reich


Temperate; cold, cloudy, humid winters; warm summers


Mostly flat to rolling plains; hills and low mountains on the state border between Hungary and Slovakia




Primarily Hungarian and Slovak, with minorities comprising of German, Italians, Czechs, and others


Roman Catholic

Country Name

The Kingdom of Slavo-Hungaria (Long Form)

Slavo-Hungaria (Short Form)

Government Type

Constitutional Monarchy



Executive Branch

Queen Sàra Ludosa, proclaimed queen for life by the United Diet. (No current heir)

Legislative Branch

50 Seats for the Slovak Diet

50 Seats for the Hungarian Diet

Economic Overview

The Kingdom of Slavo-Hungaria is primarily an agricultural state with grain and wheat exports comprising much of the economy, however centers of industry do exist in Budapest and Bratislava.

Military Overview

The Kingdom of Slavo-Hungaria considers itself to be a pacifist state, but employs a defensive army of 10,000 infantry (5,000 in both states). However there is the possibility of growth to include air-force measures and tank creation. The military is entirely volunteer.

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