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CN RP (R) Switzerland Factbook

Vladimir Stukov II

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Nation Name: Switzerland

Capital: Bern

Government Type: Federal Republic

Political Map:


Switzerland is divided into 12 states:














Switzerland has one territory:

The Azores


Population: 27,000,000

Official Language: German

Literacy Rate: 99.99%


National GDP: $8,068,300,515,800

GDP Per Capita: $298,826

Total Government Spending as % of GDP: 25%

Military Spending as % of GDP: 6%

Education Spending as % of GDP: 5.5%

Health Care Spending as % of GDP: 7%

Welfare Spending as % of GDP: 1.5%

Additional Spending as % of GDP: 5%


Energy: 58% from hydroelectricity and 42% from nuclear power

Railways: 5,600 km of high speed rail (600 km/h)

Roadways: 80,000 km paved including 2,300 km of expressway

Airports: 57 including 8 international

Spaceports: 1


Mandatory service for all males ages 18-24.

Swiss Army: 1,000,000 troops (500,000 active 500,000 reserve)

Swiss Air Force: 105 squadrons

Swiss Navy: 6 Aircraft Carriers, 8 Submarines, 8 Destroyers, 8 Frigates, 8 Cruisers


Executive Branch:

The Swiss Federal Council is a seven-member executive council that heads the federal administration, operating as a combination cabinet and collective presidency. The Federal Council is elected by the Federal Assembly for a four-year term.

Legislative Branch:

Switzerland has a bicameral parliament called the Federal Assembly. The Federal Assembly is made up of the Council of States and the National Council.

National Council: 200 seats. Members are elected by popular vote on a basis of proportional representation to serve four-year terms

Council of States: 24 seats. 2 members elected from each state.

Judicial Branch:

The Swiss Supreme Court is made up of 9 judges elected to 20 year terms by the Federal Assembly.

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D-2 Unmanned Combat Drone


The D-2 combat drone is a remotely controlled combat and reconnaissance drone. With it's smaller size and because it requires no pilot, the D-2 is highly maneuverable. It makes a great scout with its infrared camera with digitally-enhanced zoom. The missile armament on the D-2 also makes it excellent for quickly destroying smaller targets.

SAF-37 Fighter


This aircraft is the main fighter jet in the Swiss Air Force. The SAF-37 can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air superiority fighter missions. It takes off and lands vertically but is also able to do conventional take offs and landings. With its heavy missile armament the SAF-37 has enough firepower to leave a whole town in ruins. This aircraft is deadly in both dog fights and bombing missions.

Banshee Attack Helicopter


The Banshee can carry out strikes on ground targets and provides support for land units. Fitted with anti tank missiles and a 30mm chain gun this aircraft is great against enemy armored vehicles. This helicopter is very fast and maneuverable which enables it to be used in many tough situations.

C-90 Battle Tank


The C-90 Battle Tank is the pride and joy of the Swiss Army. This tank is extreamly versatile and powerful. Sporting twin 90mm cannons and 4 remotely controlled 50 cal machinge guns, this tank is a force to be reckoned with. Advanced composite armor keeps the tank safe from smaller rockets and land mines. Designed to handle any type of terrain the C-90 can be found at the front of any Swiss military advancement.

XK-44 Combat Rifle


The XK-44 Combat Rifle is the standard issue rifle for all Swiss soldiers. It features a grenade launcher and fires 5.56x45mm ammunition. With its advanced optical sight and extreme light weight users are able to accurately hit targets from far distances. With infrared capabilities it is very effective at night. This gun is very reliable and rarely jams.

A-16 Viking


This anti aircraft vehicle features 16 Sabretooth missile launchers all able to lock on to different targets and fire simultaneously. Extra firepower is given with the 30mm autocannon. The advanced missile system is able to hit and destroy most lower flying aircraft and cruise missiles.



The JM-2 has replaced all Swiss mobile artillery. This vehicle can launch 12 Widowmaker heavy missiles with precision at enemy ground targets. Causing mass destruction everywhere it goes, this vehicle carries more firepower than any other Swiss mobile ground unit.

HH-60 Hulk


The Hulk is an assault transport helicopter. Able to fit up to 20 troops, this aircraft is used to transport units into battle situations. Fitted with 2 30mm autocannons and 2 7.62mm machine guns, this helicopter can fly into combat zones and provide support for ground units. Protected by Chobham armour, this aircraft can withstand heavy gun fire without recieving any critical damage.

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Internal News

High-speed Rail Network


The Swiss High-speed Railway System is the fastest railway system in the world. All high-speed trains travel at a standard operating speed of 600 km/h allowing them to travel from the western border to the eastern border of Switzerland in just half an hour.


Bern Spaceport


The Bern Spaceport is a commercial spaceport for civilian use. Customers may currently take rides into space and orbit the earth. Plans are underway to build a commercial space station.

Swiss Space Station


Operated by this Swiss Space Agency, the Swiss Space Station can house up to 15 astronauts and scientists. A large number of government experiments are being performed in the space station.

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