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How to get rid of a guy who keeps flirting with me?


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I am a rather handsome male.

This guy... Magnet... Keeps sending me messages about how he is attracted to me! :o

and how he wants to have a 7 day stand with me! :huh:

I got fed up (and a little creeped out to be honest) and put in my bio that he may be a homosexual (though there is nothing wrong with homosexuals). Now he got pissed and put in complaint.


I changed bio after that to avoid any trouble with the feds.

But, i have warned him a number of times to stop flirting with me... but the guy just keeps sending these messages. I mean, even after i told him i am not that type of guy...

Any advice?

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Not really sure if this is the right place for this but my advice is just ignore him. Oh and "should you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact me or my lawyer " lawyer? give me a break. Remember this is the internet.


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Is it ingame messages? If so, you can open one of them and click on "block" on the bottom left side of the message.

But then he will have others deliver messages for him! :o

After i told him to:

"stop flirting with me already"

his response:

"I'm just so attracted to you, I can't help it."

Just see the image i put in the link to his complaint.

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