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Neo Olympian Millitary Devlopments.

Vasili Markov

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Neo Olympia has successfully tested a new bomb type for its arsenal.

It is a fuel-air bomb and will be manufactured and be made available for purchase by the Australasian Coalition and the Feederite Union.

It is our hope that these munitions will eliminate the need to use tactical nuclear weapons in future.

Type 1 Heavy Bunker Demolition Ordinance.

Type: Thermobaric vacuum bomb

Guidance: Parachute retarded Iron Bomb

Weight: 7.1 tons

Yield: 44 tons of TNT equivalent

Blast Radius: 300m

Accuracy: >100 m (325ft)

Launch Platform: Heavy Bomber, (Capacity: 1 per plane)

OOC: Basically the russian MOAB

Type 2 Missile mounted Precision Fuel-Air Munition

Guidance: Inertial Guidance

Engine: Turbofan with solid fuel rocket booster.

Weight: 1440 kg.

Wingspan: 2.67m

Range: 2,500 km

Speed: 550kph

Warhead: 1000kg Shaped thermobaric vacuum charge

Yield: 10 tons TNT equivalent (~22000 psi Blast Pressure)

Blast Radius: None, (Explodes on impact Sending Penetrator rod into target)

Penetrator: 100kg Hardened Tungsten Carbine Steel Rod.

Accuracy: >10 m (32.5ft)

Launch Platform: Tracked Missile Launcher, (Capacity: 2 missiles + 3 in trailer), Heavy bomber (Capacity: 5 , 2 on each wing + 1 centreline)

A tomahawk with a bunker buster FaB warhead.

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