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(CNRPR) Neo Olympia Factbook

Vasili Markov

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Nation Name (Short Form): Neo Olympia

Nation Name (Long Form): The Federation of Neo Olympia

Government Type: Meritocracy

Capital: Olympia

Administrative Divisions: 4 sectors (North, South, East, West)

President: General Vasili Markov

Vice President: General Abigail Johns

Senate: 20 seats chosen by competitive examinations every 4 years

Council: 100 seats elected every 4 years

Judicial Branch: High Court (Chief Justice and 6 high justices chosen by competitive examinations every 4 years)

Other information:

Illicit Drugs:

Marijuana, Opiate, Hallucinogens, And other narcotics. (Foreign nationals and Olympian citizens caught in possession of these will be tried and be subject to up to 20 years of prison if found guilty, Persons found guilty of importing with intent to deal these substances will be subject to death by lethal injection found guilty.)

OOC: Due to rapid changes in national stats please refer to my ingame stats and apply the appropriate multipliers.

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