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The Clands unite into a kingdom


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the race of the Korrigans had flooded the Scottish highlands. All around, the race grew to a large amount and the military became even greater. Thier lack of naval warfare was made up by thier terrifying land approaches and powerful soldiers with unique individual strengths.

From atop the Stromgarde Keep, the ruined capital city of Scotland, where the last honourable race of Snajort once ruled, the Korrigans stood tall, and ruled them mountain tops as well as the low plains of scotland. The long warfare of scotland was over, it was united.Lordship was granted tothe generals. One of which, Crest, who lead the efforts to rid the remaining Snajort forces to their capital city. His brutal style of combat and total warfare was something the new High King appreciated. Little did he know that his lack of mercy would stand off the field of battle as well. (OOC: A story for later) He accepted his title and lead from the capital city while the High King ran to the others generals.

Up in the shores of Northern Scotland, Kult, another leading general, had kept his forces at bay in the city of Tiras. This city was the largest port in scotland and was taken by the Korrigans after the sea creatures there fled. As the High King made his way there, Kult managed to begin construction of ships, and expansion of the military docks. His efforts were the first in creating a modern navy.

Finally, the High Kings son, who road by his father's side as the kingdom was finally established. The son watched the tribes fight for decades, but a new age was born. The son had grown to become a lord himself. He would own the old kingdom from the base of Ben Nevis. He was honest, true, and brave. He could fire a rifle, climb a mountain, and lead his soldiers on the battlefield.

His name...was Mykep.

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