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Radioactive rain falls on Azerbaijan

Agostinho Neto

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Radioactive rain from the nuclear fallouts in Europe and the Middle east is falling on Azerbaijan since early this morning, the Department of Health said in an special communique broadcasted on national television at 7.00 AM Local Time. The Government closed the borders, nothing can go in, nothing can get out of the country as counter measure to contamination and possible trafficking of counterfeit goods coming from Europe and the Middle East. No sign of refugees has been spotted on the southern border, but the police fears looting and street gang phenomenon in the Talyshstan-Iran border.

The anti-air sirens stunned the Capital this morning, special anti-radiation squads are still working to seal off hospitals and shelters where hundred thousands of refugees are hiding from the deadly rain coming from the West and the South. The Government declared martial law and a fair number of soldiers wearing protection suits are patrolling the streets, but the lack of special purpose veichles make transport a hard issue. The situation is reported calm by the Department of Defense, temporary moved to a safer location in Northern Azerbaijan near the Dagestani border, where the mountains and winds blowing from the East ensure safety to the Goverment staff working to monitorate the situation. "Pre-organized emergency plan is showing positive effects" a Government spokesperson stated earlier.

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