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The Phoenix Empire


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The Phoenix Empire


Government: Consitutional Monarchy

-Head of Government: Empress Jewel Centuria

-Head of State: President Jessica Alba

-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Gordan Jandroković

-Minister of Justice: Ivan Šimonović

-Supreme Commander/Minister of Defense: Sarah Centuria

-The First Phoenician Imperial Assembly

At the head of Government is the Empress who has Absolute Power regarding Foreign Affairs and Defense as she could either declare war or prevent the Imperial Assembly, at the level of Internal Affairs she has veto power but can not pass her own ammendements. The exception to the rule is when the nation has come under direct attack in such a situation the Empress can pass a State of Emergency granting her Absolute Power over all matters.


GDP: 1,545,669,367,248

-Per Capita: 236,117.04

Natural Resources: Aluminum, Coal, Fish, Gold, Iron, Lead, Lumber, Marble, Oil, Uranium, Water, Wheat.

Main Industries: Steel, Beer, Construction, Electronics, Radiation Cleanup


[more info](OOC: Coming Soon)

The Imperial Defensive Armed Forces are divided in 7 different organisations as listed below.

-The Imperial Defensive Army

-The Imperial Defensive Air Force

-The Imperial Defensive Navy

-The Imperial Defensive Marine Corps

-The Second Artillery Corps

-The Imperial Police

-The Imperial Guard

Foreign Affairs:

The Phoenix Empire maintain an absolute Neutrality Policy limiting Foreign Affairs to Economic only as such no treaties with Military clauses can be signed without a majority of the Population agreeing to it. As a result of this Neutral Policy The Phoenix Empire also serves as a save haven for refugees from all countries.


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Imperial Defensive Armed Forces


Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces: Empress Jewel Centuria

Supreme Commander: Sarah Centuria

At all times there will be a Council consisting of one General from every Department to handle day to day affairs

General Overview:

Headquarters: Jericho

Army: 300,000 Soldiers

2,000 Tanks

Air Force: 70 Squadrons Fighters

15 Squadrons Bombers

Navy: 36 Ships

Marine Corps: 200,000 Marines

1,000 Tanks

Strategic Weapons:

-Nuclear Weapons

-Chemical Weapons

-Biological Weapons

-Conventional Cruise Missiles


The Imperial Defensive Army is divided in 20 Divisions consisting of 15,000 Soldiers each, while in total maintaining a force of 300,000 in reality the number is much lower as there are only 5 Active Divisions in Service while there is no threat, however during the threat of war there is a rapid mobilisation force to have all Soldiers ready within hours.


-1st Airborne Division

-4th Mechanized Division

-8th Infantry Division

-12th Infantry Division

-20th Special Ops Division


-2nd Airborne Division

-3rd Airborne Division

-5th Mechanized Division

-6th Mechanized Division

-7th Mechanized Division

-9th Infantry Division

-10th Infantry Division

-11th Infantry Division

-13th Infantry Division

-14th Infantry Division

-15th Infantry Division

-16th Infantry Division

-17th Infantry Division

-18th Special Ops Division

-19th Special Ops Division

Air Force:

The Imperial Defensive Air Force consists of in total 85 Squadrons of which 70 are Fighter and 15 bomber Logistic Aircraft excluded. This is again divided into 7 Autonomous Wings each responsible for one part of the nation the first 5 being regional Defense.


8 Squadrons MiG-31s

1 Squadron F-117


8 Squadrons MiG-31s

1 Squadron F-117


8 Squadrons MiG-31s

1 Squadron F-117


8 Squadrons MiG-31s

1 Squadron Tu-95

Jericho Defense:

5 Squadrons MiG-31s

Naval Taskforce:

13 Squadrons F-14s

First Assault Wing:

20 Squadrons MiG-31s

11 Divisions F-117s


The Imperial Defensive Navy consists of 3 Fleets of which 2 will always stay close to the coast

First Fleet(Meditaranean):

IDNS Epyon(Epyon Class Aircraft Carrier)

IDNS Sanctuary(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Centaur(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Peacecraft(Peacecraft Class Destroyer)

IDNS Flores(Flores Class Frigate)

IDNS Enterprise(Flores Class Frigate)

IDNS Independence(Independence Class Battleship)

IDNS C-001(Geronimo Class Corvette)

IDNS C-002(Geronimo Class Corvette)

IDNS C-003(Geronimo Class Corvette)

Second Fleet(Atlantic):

IDNS January(Epyon Class Aircraft Carrier)

IDNS Sechs(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Infinity(Peacecraft Class Destroyer)

IDNS Zenox(Flores Class Frigate)

IDNS Troy(Flores Class Frigate)

IDNS Hero(Flores Class Frigate

IDNS Gerald(Independence Class Battleship)

IDNS C-004(Geronimo Class Corvette)

IDNS C-005(Geronimo Class Corvette)

IDNS LS-001(QD-567 Class Landing Ship)

IDNS LS-002(QD-567 Class Landing Ship)

Third Fleet(Peace: Support of First and Second fleet/Peacekeeping in hostile situations, War: Combat Fleet):

IDNS Wingmaster(Epyon Class Aircraft Carrier)

IDNS Phoenix(Epyon Class Aircraft Carrier)

IDNS Hawk(Epyon Class Aircraft Carrier)

IDNS Trident(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Subliminal(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Atlantica(Sanctuary Class Submarine)

IDNS Karabe(Peacecraft Class Destroyer)

IDNS Jericho(Independence Class Battleship)

IDNS Crossbone(Independence Class Battleship)

IDNS Peru(Imperial Class Cruiser)

IDNS Jericho(Imperial Class Cruiser)

IDNS Zanscare(Imperial Class Cruiser)

IDNS Minas Gerais(Imperial Class Cruiser)

IDNS LS-003(QD-567 Class Landing Ship)

IDNS LS-004(QD-567 Class Landing Ship

Marine Corps:

The Imperial Defensive Marine Corps is the main Ground Force in times of Peace and equal to the Army in times of war, due to their Advanced training Marines serve mainly as Peacekeepers and in special cases Riot Control during Peace but will be the first to Attack during War. It is divided in 10 Divisions of 20,000 Soldiers always ready.

Strategic Weapons:

(OOC: For obvious reasons the following is Classified)

The Seond Artillery Corps is the main operator of the WMD and Conventional Cruise Missiles within the nation. Maintaining the Trident Missiles and handing out release codes to the Navy should the need arise. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Conventional ICBMs are directly operated by the Department and as such has command authority over them. For handing out release codes the Department needs permission from the King when not available and enemy launches having been detected they can launch them without an executive order.



-Minuteman III ICBM

-Trident Missile SLBM


-Adapted version of Small Pox for quick release

-Adapted version of Yellow Fever for quick release


-Novichok Agent adapted for release by Missile



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