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Confucianism develops HEMP Bombs

Chancellor Bismarck

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As part of a secret project that has been ongoing in Confucianism, we have finally finished producing our HEMP bombs. These are high frequency electromagnetic pulse weapons. We tested this weapon north of the island, on multiple fishing boats scattered in a 7-mile radius from the bomb. All were knocked out by the pulse, a few months ago. Since then, we've managed to produce enough of these weapons that we've added them into our Missile Silo's. Each Missile Silo now contains an EMP-tipped Missile.

How does the EMP-tipped Missile work? It's simple. Using explosively pumped flux compression generator technology, we launch a missile, very similar to a Tomahawk Cruise Missile, at a target, and, according to our tests, it disables all electrical technology within a 7-mile radius of activation. This radius may be further, but we do not know.

Using these weapons, Confucianism hopes that it can discourage nations from attacking her without retaliation.

We've also developed Counter-EMP technology as well. It consists of multiple buffers around our sensitive military technology, as well as Faraday Cages to absorb the EMP blast before it reaches them. This, as well as the spare computers we have in every bunker, and generators, will be a reliable defense against EMP's used against our nation.


Pacifism, President.

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