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[CNRP(R)] The United Republic of Ardoria


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OOC: I ask that NO ONE POST IN THIS THREAD. If you have an issue with anything I'm RPing or claim to RP, please send me a PM and we'll discuss it then./OOC

OOC: Anything marked as ***Classified*** is not know to you IC./OOC

The United Republic of Ardoria


Table of Contents

Basic Nation Facts

Military Factbook

Army (Under Construction)

Air Force

Navy and Coast Guard (Under Construction)

Treaty List



The Imperium

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Political Facts:

National Capital: New York City

Government Type: Federal Republic

Political Map:


Dark Green: Maine (ME)

Yellow: New Hampshire and Vermont (NHV)

Aqua: Massachusetts (MA)

Dark Blue: Rhode Island (RI)

Orange: Connecticut and Long Island (CLI)

Light Green: New York (NY)

Red: New York City (NYSAR)

Blue: New Jersey (NJ)

Light Brown: Pennsylvania (PA)

Dark Brown: Ohio (OH)

(Bermuda not shown)


Official Language: English

Population: 66,473,000 (Approximate)

10 Largest Cities:

  1. New York City, NYSAR (8,274,000)
  2. Philadelphia, PA (1,450,000)
  3. Columbus, OH (748,000)
  4. Boston, MA (608,000)
  5. Cleveland, OH (438,000)
  6. Cincinnati, OH (332,000)
  7. Pittsburgh, PA (311,000)
  8. Newark, NJ (280,000)
  9. Buffalo, NY (273,000)
  10. Jersey City, NJ (242,000)

Administrative Divisions

The United Republic of Ardoria is subdivided into 9 States, 1 Territory, and 1 Special Administrative Region (SAR). They are as follows (Capitals and Population are listed as well).

New York SAR (National Capital; 8,274,000)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia; 12,448,000)

State of Ohio (Cleveland; 11,486,000)

State of New Jersey (Jersey City; 8,683,000)

State of New York (Yonkers; 8,352,000)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Boston; 6,498,000)

State of Connecticut and Long Island (Stamford; 6,362,000)

State of New Hampshire and Vermont (Manchester; 1,937,000)

State of Maine (Portland; 1,316,000)

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (Providence; 1,051,000)

Territory of Bermuda (Hamilton; 66,000)


Currency: Ardorian Dollar

National GDP: No Data

GDP Per Capita: No Data

Major Industries: Banking/Finance, Insurance, Media, Mining, Metal Industries, Pharmaceuticals,

Major Companies:

Citigroup (Banking/Finance)

Chase (Banking/Finance)

Goldman Sachs (Banking/Finance)

Merrill Lynch (Banking/Finance)

American International Group (Insurance)

MetLife (Insurance)

Verizon Communications (Media)

Time Warner (Media)

Pfizer (Pharmaceuticals)

Wyeth (Pharmaceuticals)

Alcoa (Metal)

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Ardorian Air Force


Fighter (AS-35 Hawk II): 6 (72 planes)

Fighter/Bomber (FB-38 Vengeance): 5 (60 planes)

Strategic Bomber (SB-11 Raven): 1 (12 planes)

Close Air Support (CAS-23 Mirage): 2 (24 planes)

Gunship (AIC-26 Stinger II): 1 (12 planes)

Cargo/Transport (CT-26 Clipper II): 1 (12 planes) (OOC: Does not count toward aircraft count)

Cargo (HL-23 Greyhound II): 1 (12 planes) (OOC: Does not count toward aircraft count)

***Statistical Information Classified***

Interceptor: AS-35 Hawk II


Crew: 1

Length: 63 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 42 ft 10 in

Height: 18 ft 6 in

Max speed: Mach 2.5+

Combat Radius: 1,250 mi

Max Range: 3,450 mi

Rate of Climb: >50,000 ft/min

Service Ceiling: 60,000 ft

Hardpoints: 6x wing, 5x fuselage

Payload Capacity: 16,000 lb

Armament: 1x 22mm Gatling gun, 940 rounds

Air-to-air missiles

Strike Fighter: FB-38 Vengeance


Crew: 1

Length: 49 ft 5 in

Wingspan: 32 ft 8 in

Height: 16 ft

Max speed: Mach 2+

Combat Radius: 400 mi

Max Range: 2,300 mi

Rate of Climb: 50,000 ft/min

Service Ceiling: 60,000+ ft

Hardpoints: 6x wing, 3x fuselage, 2x wingtip Air-to-air launch rails

Payload Capacity: 20,500 lb

Armament: 1x 20mm Gatling gun, 515 rounds

Air-to-air, Air-to-ground, Anti-ship missiles

Strategic Bomber: SB-11 Raven


Crew: 4

Length: 146 ft

Wingspan: 137 ft (Extended) 79 (Swept)

Height: 34 ft

Max speed: Mach 1.25

Combat Radius: 3,000 mi

Max Range: 6,500 mi

Service Ceiling: 60,000 ft

Internal Bomb Bay Capacity: 75,000 lb

External Hardpoint Capacity: 59,000 lb

Close Air Support: CAS-23 Mirage


Crew: 1

Length: 53 ft 4 in

Wingspan: 57 ft 6 in

Height: 14 ft 8 in

Max speed: 450 kts (518 mph)

Combat Radius: 300 mi

Max Range: 2,250 mi

Rate of Climb: 6,000 ft/min

Service Ceiling: 45,000 ft

Hardpoints: 8x wing, 3x fuselage

Payload Capacity: 20,500 lb

Armament: 1x 30mm Gatling gun, 1,174 rounds

Air-to-air, Air-to-ground missiles

Air Interdiction: AIC 26 Stinger II


Crew: 13

Length: 97 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 132 ft 7 in

Height: 38 ft 6 in

Max speed: 260 kts (300 mph)

Range: 2,200 mi

Service Ceiling: 30,000 ft

Payload Capacity: 60,000 lb

Armament: 1x 40mm L60 Bofors cannon

1x 105mm M102 howitzer

Cargo/Transport: CT-26 Clipper II


Crew: 5

Capacity: 92 passengers or, 64 airborne troops or, 74 litter patients with 2 medical personnel

Length: 97 ft 9 in

Wingspan: 132 ft 7 in

Height: 38 ft 3 in

Max speed: 330 kts (380 mph)

Range: 2,200 mi

Service Ceiling: 33,000 ft

Payload Capacity: 75,000 lb

Cargo: HL-23 Greyhound II


Crew: 5-8

Length: 247 ft 1 in

Wingspan: 222 ft 9 in

Height: 65 ft 1 in

Max speed: 500 kts (580 mph)

Range: 2,400 mi

Service Ceiling: 34,000 ft

Payload Capacity: 270,000 lb

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