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Another Alliance Announcement


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/A\/A\ Official Announcement

From the desk of your Minister of Sexual Affairs

There has been a lot of questions regarding *censored* in this alliance. I wish to answer all the questions in this document without leaving any shades of grey. *censored* is a serious matter.

1. Consensual *censored* in the *censored* position is hereby banned and punishable by one pass through the *censored* tunnel*. Anyone witnessed doing this will have to write an apology to the entire alliance for disgracing them.

2. Kinky *censored* is allowed, but there is a limit. Some *censored* acts will need to be approved by me as the acting Minister of Sex. I will not go into colorful detail regarding these acts, but if you believe that the one you are planning may be too vulgar, it is better to just show me.

3. *censored*, *censored*, *censored*, *censored*, *censored*, *censored* or self-gratification of any kind is hereby allowed and encouraged by the acting Minister of Sex. *censored* partners are known to carry disease or be overweight. However, utilizing one's hand too often may result in rude comments from fellow members.

4. *censored* may no touch in any shape or form. You can be *censored*, *censored*, *censored* or *censored*; however, if the *censored* touch you will be punished by five passes through the *censored* tunnel.* Actually you'd like that too much, so we'll just kick you out of the alliance.**

5. Please do not rant on and on about how hot the chick was. If you lack pictures, you lack proof. Besides you were probably drunk, high, or trying to impress your friends and the girl was probably overweight, a dude, or a farm animal.

6. Oral *censored* is always preferred over a *censored*. *censored* aren't even fun and 10% of women can actually give good ones. And even when they do, *censoring* on oneself is hardly considered fun.

7. You are allowed to put your *censored* into any orifice on your partner's body. This is not limited to the *censored*, *censored*, mouth, ears, nose, bellybutton, or eyes.

8. *censored* need to be approved. I, myself, have a strong mailbox *censored*.

**censored* tunnel is defined as a tunnel comprised of all the members in the alliance standing with their legs spread. The punishee is forced to crawl through the people's legs and gets *censored* by each member.

**We probably won't kick you out. But we will make fun of you alot.



Triumvirate of LULZ


Minister of Sexual Affairs


Minister of Sexy

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